Here you'll find a collection of stories published at Randomities. This page will be updated as new stuff is posted. Stay tuned! ;)


Troll Serial: The Sweetest Trolls
#1 - The P Word
#2 - Lady's Hands
#3 - The Most Horrid Torture
#4 - A Fine Meal
#5 - Surprise, Surprise
#6 - Getting Acquainted
#7 - Leaving Home
#8 - Back Home
#9 - Family Reunion
#10 - Kratan Goes Wild
#11 - Kreptus's Explanation
#12 - The Knight Revealed
#13 - Two Little Devils
#14 - Bell Alarm
#15 - Plans Executed
#16 - The Finding
#17 - First Gathering
#18 - Memories, part 1
#19 - Memories, part 2

Zombie Dragon Serial
#1 - It's Coming

Stand Alone by Genre
-- fantasy
    Six Word Story
    Fire! (hosted by FARfetched as part of Tony Noland's April's Fool Blogswap
-- fiction-something
    Like a Weird Dream
    The Winter Adventure of a Cushion-Dog
    Earth Day
-- horror
    Zombie Walk
-- humor
    Zombie Walk
    Clifs and Girls
    The Great Chocolate Conspiracy (This is the second episode of a multi-author, multi-blog story. You can read from the start at DCI Sam Adamson's blog and learn how it all begun here.)
     Possible Origins for Mr. Fluffy. 1.
     Smarty Girl
-- romance
     A Venetian Embrace
     Zombie Walk
-- sci-fi
    Thin Clumsy Hands
-- slice of life
    Cliffs and Girls
    What's It Like?
    Yet Another One
    Train Day
    On the River Side
    Endure (Story hosted by the lovely Johanna Harness, at the #amwriting blog)
    Smarty Girl
-- suspense

Shiny Knights' Stories - to people I have much to thank for:
Emma Newman - Underestimated

There are also my poor attempts of poetry. Click on the link at your own risk. ;P

Finally, you might want to check out the amazing stories that were produced for the Zombie Luv Contest
Click to go to the contest's wrap up

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