Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest is Here!

Welcome to the Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest!

Please excuse the hostess odor. Being (almost) immortal comes with a price, you know? heh

If your reaction to this statement was, "Uh?" check out this post that explains the birth of this zombie romance contest, and how Susan H. Gottfried got me into this stinky situation.

(When you can, don't miss her website and blog. it's all Rock 'n Roll! ;)

All right, if you've followed the #ZombieLuv hashtag on Twitter, and if this is not your first visit here at Randomities, you know already a few things, like, there's a double prize and one of them is having your story published at Flashes in the Dark!

So, if you like zombies, you're most welcome to participate! If you don't, why don't you give it a try? I used to dislike undead, smelly, brain/corpse eating things, but I've changed my mind. I've even become one of them!

Convinced? ;)

If so, here are the guidelines for your enjoyment. (or horror? heh)

*upper teeth fall, preventing hostess from keeping babbling*


*sprints towards the bathroom to fetch Mari-girl's super glue*

* * *

Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest


>> Mari Juniper (or zombie-Mari, if you will)
>> Lori Titus (editor of Flashes in the Dark and friend of werewolves)
>> Jim Bronyaur (owner of scary zombies)
>> Jodi MacArthur (owner zombies and other scary things as well)

Dates: Contest begins on June 20th and runs until midnight July 1oth. (GMT)

Winners will be announced on July 15th.

Contributors: Flashes In The Dark ~ Be Devoured by Horror


  • The winner entry will be published at Flashes in the Dark.
  • The winner will receive a paperback edition (new) of Pride Prejudice and Zombies.
  • An honorable mention might be granted, which will be published at mari's randomities:

  • Word count: maximum 1.000
  • The story must be a romance between two zombies. Make it as horrific as you like. ;)
  • Stories containing animal cruelty, torture, graphic sex or violence, any form of exaltation of violence, racism or other forms of prejudice will be immediately disqualified.
  • Post your entry on your own blog, with a title resembling this:
Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest: Story Title
  • Leave your story title and a link to the story entry post as a comment at mari's randomities:
  • Copy and paste the contest logo and the guidelines at the end of your entry post.

Note: If you have any doubts, please give me a shout on the comments or through the #ZombieLuv hashtag. ;)


  1. Have a wonderful contest, Ghoul-friend!

  2. --Kristi (howdidyougetthere): Thank you dear! I was kind of hoping you'd give the contest a try, but by your comment it doesn't look like you will...

    Too bad, I'd love to see a humorous zombie romance coming from you, heh.

  3. Fantastic. I may have a go at this. I've watched the genre grow and grow and it intrigues me so I really ought to give it a try.

  4. --Dan (Agnieszkas Shoes): Ohhh, excellent!

    I'm sure you'll have fun! Can't wait to see your entry, heh. *curious*

  5. Don't know if you're aware, but I do have a Zombie Romance sit up and running:

    Is it okay for me to provide a link to the contest on the site? Or even to the collection when it's available?

  6. M. Jones: Ohh, that would be fantastic! I appreciate so much the support!

    I'm not sure there'll be a collection though, but the winner entry will be pubbed at Flashes in the Dark, and there might be an honorable mention pubbed here at Randomities.

    If you'd like to link these future posts as well, I'd be most grateful! :)

  7. Ah, your website looks great! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the Zombie Luv, heh. ;)

  8. Love this! If I can get my brain to stop leaking before the deadline (last couple of weeks of school are long & crazy!), I'll give it a shot :)

  9. Zombie-Mari, you have jumped in with both feet! You'll never be quite normal again... *clinks glass in toast to you*

  10. I can't wait to sink my literary teeth into this one!

  11. Here's my entry into the contest - "Forever"

  12. --Jemi: Ohhh, I hope your brain stops leaking!

    I have two good reasons for that: one, I would loooove to have you in the contest; two, it's smelling too good dear. That's dangerous. ;P

    --Laura: You have no idea how deep I went! I've already written another zombie flash (weird -- I hope) and I can't stop thinking about chilling zombie angels to counterbalance Oscar's kindess. ;)

    About being normal, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I have *never* been boring. (or so I like to think, heh)

    *clinks glass and curtsies* :)

    --Sean: Awesome! Feel most welcome here at Randomities!

    Psst, check out the buffet behind you, there's plenty of flash for you to sink your teeth in. ;)

    --Angie: Ohhh, awesome! You're fast woman, heh.

    Hey dear, for your piece to be considered the first entry (what an honor! ;P) you need to paste the guidelines at the bottom of your post. You can skip the pictures, of course. The contest's logo is sufficient. :)

  13. it would help if I actually followed the guidelines, wouldn't it? :D

    I have posted them on the bottom of the entry

  14. --Angie (techtigger): Excellent! You're on! :D

  15. Hmmm, it would be a stretch for me, but I might have to give this a shot.

  16. Okay... here's my attempt. I'm not all that great with the romance...

  17. Oh man... I don't know how I missed this, but I am all over it.

    I'll be back

  18. Zombie-Mari, my entry is "Island Nights" at

  19. --Tony: Stretching is great for the body and the mind. I hope you'll give it a shot, heh.

    --AJ Brown: Thanks for the try out Jeff! You're on! :)

    --2 (Tomara): Please do come back! I'm so glad you found out about the contest in time; this is gonna be fun! heh

    --Laura: You're on! :D

  20. Love this contest! My entry is:

    "Love After Death"

  21. My entry is:

    "Romeo and Juliet are Dead"

    ... and may William Shakespeare have mercy on my soul.

  22. --Joanie and Tony: You're on!

    Thanks for taking up the challenge! :)

  23. I posted mine!
    HEARTLESS (a Skeleton Crew Love Story) is up!

    (Whew! This one was hard trying to write a good story w. no SC Spoilers!!) 0_o;;

    iT mAke MonMoN's BrAiNz hUrTinG!! ... º_¶

  24. This was great fun - thanks for hosting the contest! May I humbly present my offering: "And then there were none" which can be read at:

    Thanks! Em x

  25. --Monica: Oh, so sorry your brain is hurting dear! Did you try nibbling at Angie's (techtigger) brain? We had quite a feast yesterday and I think I might have some slices left. Would do you good? ;)

    You're on! heh :D

    --Emma: Hey, you're more than welcome here at Randomities! Just be aware in these zombie times that several guests are flesh eating undead, much like the hostess, heh.

    You're on! :D

  26. Who doesn't love undead? Some of my best friends are undead. The undead are entirely more dependable than the living. Of course, I've been told that's what necromancers always say.

  27. OK.. it only took me forever ;-)

    Here's mine: "Three Steps"

    It was fun. I hope you like it

  28. Urged on by Tomara, here is my entry. It is also my virgin post for Friday Flash.

    It's called Scent of a Zombie:

  29. --David: Undead are dependable indeed, they don't die on you, lol! (sorry for the pun, couldn't resist, heh)

    Thanks for the comment and I hope to see an entry of yours soon. ;)

    --2 (Tomara): You're in time, so no matter, heh. :P

    Thanks for the nudge on KeMari. You're both on! :D

    --KeMari: Just in case you didn't see the comment above: you're on! :D

  30. Hey, I have an entry for this :) It's ok that it's not friday flash right?

    Tis here --->

  31. --Mia: Err, technically you should have stated your entry's title, but I'll let that pass, heh. ;)

    And no, absolutely no need to be #FridayFlash. These are two parallel events, although connected by some awesome people who participate in both of them.

    So, you're on! :D

  32. I have never written anything zombie. But Mia has converted me and I've just read an amazing zombie book, so maybe I shall give it a try... *contemplates*

  33. --Rebecca: I hadn't read a single zombie book when I wrote my first piece, Zombie Walk, because some friends nudged me to, as Mia did to you. ;)

    Way to go Mia! I hope you'll give it a shot, Rebecca, and have loads of fun! :)

  34. And look where that nudge led you, zombie-Mari. You're undead, your nose falls off and you're running out of super glue...

    *shakes head sadly*


  35. --Laura: Hahhahahahah!

    Hey, I still have stitches, heh.

    *ear falls*

    Oh damn.

  36. Hi Mari. Great contest. Enjoying the entries thus far. Here's my take on Zombie luv:

    "Dead Flames"

  37. Hello, Mari. This is a fun contest. All the entries so far are truly imaginative. My entry is entitled : SHE SMILED WITH THE LIPS OF THE DEAD. It is an excerpt from my YA urban fantasy set during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  38. Hi there Mari, have enjoyed the wonderful entries so far and want to toss my lot in with my story, LLORANDA. I feel it's a thoughtful piece, and hope that you and the readers enjoy it as well.

  39. Well, I did it! My first zombie story! I had so much fun.. thanks for hosting the contest.


  40. --Angel, David and Rebecca: You're on! :D

    Thanks for sharing the Zombie Luv, heh.

    --Roland: I'm so sorry but I cannot accept your story as an entry... The guidelines are clear that there must be a romance between two zombies. We're not even allowing other types of undead, much less humans.

    The good news is that there's plenty of time to write a piece. The contest closes only on July 10th. ;D

  41. Hi Mari,

    What a hit you have with the zombie contest! Love the entries so far, and here is mine:

    Burning Zombie, By Erin Cole

    Thanks for the fun.

  42. Hey, Mari, I disqualified myself on purpose. I learned about this contest from Mia's blog. She's a friend. I don't elbow aside a friend for a prize.

    I am an old-school gentleman that way. But it sounded fun. And I wanted to get in on the festivities. So I chose an excerpt that ALMOST fit the requirements and joined the fun.

    Thanks for posting such an innovative contest. It was fun to read the other posts. Roland

  43. Mari - OMG so SORRY I forgot to post the title! *facepalm* Thanks for overlooking that GROSS error in judgement, I'd forget my own head if it wasn't screwed on (I'm sure there's a zombie joke there somewhere... hmm...)

    Anyhow, thanks. I'm so silly, heh. ALSO yay for Rebecca writing a piece, wheee! And Roland is such a gentleman :) *smooshes Roland's hair* *hugs group because I'm so stoked at all these entries*

  44. Hi Mari. I saw this on Jodi MacArthur's site, and desperately wanted to join in, but I've gotten on a roll with some other pieces, and don't want to let the muse off the (meat)hook.

    I did dredge up a piece I wrote, called "Personal Ads After the Zombie Apocalypse" and post it at my blog here:

    But I'm not "running" it as an entry - just a little zombie amuse-bouche, for any interested.

    As such - I mentioned the contest, and gave the link, but didn't "associate" the piece with it, as it's not within the guidelines.

    Thanks for hosting this. These contests are a blast!

  45. --Erin: Thanks, I'm having a blast! heh

    You're on! :D

    --Roland: Ohhhh, ZoMBie-MaRIs' BrAINz iz FaiLInG alREadY... O_o

    Thanks for being such a gentleman and for helping spread the word about the contest. :)

    --Mia: No worries dear. Details, details, heh.

    Thanks for bringing Rebecca on the zombie boat! Her brain smells kind of too good though. Please tell her to keep some distance. The hostess is in need of brain fuel, as you can see from Roland's comment, heh.

    --Chris: The adds are too funny, lol!


    Hey, I hope you'll find the time to submit a real entry. You still got 10+ days! ;)

  46. Here ya go!



  47. I've got to say, this whole thing is a hoot.

  48. Mari, Lori, Jim, & is my entry entitled Light, After All.

  49. --Casper(buildauniverse): You're on! :D

    --Tony: Thanks! It's great to see that other people are enjoying this as much as I am, heh.

    --Mark (MkCrittenden): You're on! :D

  50. I have one on FlashTold for you guys:

  51. Great contest, Mari! Here's my entry:

  52. My story on the theme, "Undead Unlove" at

  53. Here's my entry:

    Title: Gonna Fucking Do Ourselves In

  54. I've been enjoying reading the entries in the contest so far. Here's mine, called "Chained Love."

  55. Well, I didn't intend to write any zombie story, much less a romance, but here it is. :)

    The title is A Small Misunderstanding.

  56. Hey Mari, I would like to enter my twisted little camping tale. Hope you like it!

  57. Hi Zombie-Mari, Here's my story, "Tainted Love".

  58. Alrighty! I've finally gotten something together for the contest! :-D My first attempt at zombie fiction. hehe It was a hoot to write!

    "'Til Death Do Us Part"

  59. Hi Mari! My Zombie Luv contest story is now up over at Future; Nostalgic, I hope you enjoy it.

  60. Sheesh, gonna be one of those days, how could I forget the entry is called, "For The Love Of Mike!"

  61. I've read some great pieces here. I'll have to carve out about 12 hours to get through the rest!

    This was a lot of fun. Thanks!

    "Something Not Hunger"

  62. Hi Mari, um, here you go. My story. I am not sure whether it suits, but since the story was inspired by your contest, thought I'd link it anyway. It is a first for a lot of things, writing-wise, for me, including first blog post and all that, so I am quite overwhelmed. I hope you like it.

    Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest: "The Tell-tale Beat"

  63. --Delia, David, Lee, Eric, Gracie, Melissa, Sam, Matt: You're on! :D

    --Cathy: I'm considering your entry as a romance that end's up not happening, as there are hints of attraction between the characters. Stretching a bit the rules, ok? heh You're on!

    --Stef: I'm just waiting for you to add the logo and guidelines of the contest, so I can consider your entry. ;)

    --Nishi: I'm so honored that you decided to have your #FridayFlash debut *and* your blog first post as a #ZombieLuv entry! Gook luck dear, you're on! :D

  64. Mari, so sorry! Consider it added! I completely forgot to add it! hahaha *kicks self in the butt*

  65. Hi there, hope you enjoy my zombie luv story 'All-consuming Passion'
    If you do, please follow my blog, I'm only just setting off along this path, so I could do with all the support I can get!

  66. Sorry, for some reason it seems to have spat the link out of my first comment! Yer tiz:

    Let's see if that one works.

  67. --Stef and Y Ddraig Ddu: You're on! :D

  68. This was so much fun to write:

    The Lovely Tale of Toothgroan

  69. --Nathan: You're on! :D

    Hey, if you like, you can put the logo and guidelines in the bottom of your entry. ;)

  70. Mari - It looks cool, tells people what the hell theyre reading lol

  71. Here's my entry - unbelievably this is the first time I've actually written about zombies!

    The Ballad of Nate and Carla

  72. HOLY ZOMBIES, Batman! Look at these entries. I'm already sooooo behind. Yowza. These writers are rockin' it.

  73. --Nathan: All right! :)

    --David (aweeadventure): You're on! :D

    --Jodi: They are, aren't they? *grinz*

    I'm behind too! The entries are coming too fast! Or maybe my speed was reduced after my own demise? O_o

  74. I've read a couple of entries, they are quite epic

  75. --Nathan: Glad you're having fun with the other entries as well. I'm loving the stuff people are coming up with!

  76. Chik-Chik-BLAM: A Headshot Love Story

    Mine's poetry, not flash fiction, but hopefully it'll still qualify. :)

  77. --Gabriel: As I mentioned to you on twitter, the poetry is not an obstacle as long as there is a romance between two zombies in it and it conveys a story. Your poem is not an actual story, but it's close enough for me. You're on! :D

    p.s: I tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't. I'm not sure if it's on purpose, but I thought you'd like to know.

  78. Thanks Mari! I'm aware of the comments issue on my site. They're temporarily disabled while I work on a few things.

  79. Howdy! I've posted my entry "Leaving Gary" on my blog. I'm enjoying all the entries so far. Thanks for reading!

  80. --Gabriel: Ah, good to know it's not a problem then. Please let me know when you enable the comments, so I can give you the "you're on" notice there too. ;)

    --Jason: You're on! :D

  81. *Sneaks in under the wire*

    Ta da!

    Man, I hope I got this right!

  82. --Lexx: No need to sneak dear. You're on! :D

  83. Hey Gabriel, thanks for the link! I need to learn how to use this tool. Seems pretty cool. :)

  84. I'm a procrastinator so here is my entry: Scorned

  85. Hope I'm not too late: Charcoal Muse, by h.lee

  86. --Jason: I'm so sorry, but I can't accept your entry... I've been *very* flexible so far, but you have not even a suggestion of romance, and your MC is a human who doesn't seem to be transformed into a zombie any time.

    I hope you'll give it another try. You have until midnight GMT. If you like to work under pressure, there's plenty of time, heh. ;)

    --h.lee: You're on! :D

  87. I wasn't going to write anything for this contest, because I'm not a huge zombie fan, although I am a fan of alternative romance. Last week, however, someone said something to me that stuck in my craw and thereby inspired this story, which I guess you could call an "alternative" zombie romance:


  88. Ok I know Im like so close to the deadline but my thesis is kicking my butt! Here is my attempt, hope you enjoy!!! Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest

  89. Oh if that doesn't work try and its the very first post, Have a great one honey!!!

  90. Oh its Independence Day back home... I'm missing it :-(

  91. Oh snap, Sorry Mari, I'm trying to do too much all at once, here is my entry:

    The Forgotten Thing By C. Dominique Gibson

  92. --Tim: Thanks for giving it a try; you're on! :D

    --cdominiquegibson: I'm sorry you're missing Independence Day... I hope you had fun writing your entry, 'cause you're on! :D

  93. Oh, crud. Forgot to post it here. My Story, not sure if it made the deadline. "In The Woods" by Shane Benavides

  94. --Shane: Oh man, it was just ten minutes! I feel horrible but I can't be unfair with the others. So sorry!

    Thanks for posting it anyway. :)

  95. Amazing what you can do on the Internet. Raising money this way is a great idea.

  96. My Top 5 Infectious Monsters...

    5. Aswang
    4. Zombie
    3. Werewolf
    2. Vampire
    1. ?????


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