Friday, June 25, 2010


I had promised another installment of the zombie dragon story for this week, but, but... It doesn't matter does it? heh ;P

So, I wrote this a few days ago, which I thought I'd share with you although it doesn't really qualify as #FridayFlash. But there you go; I hope you'll like it. :)


I'm walking on a large road with no room for pedestrians. I'm going from one appointment to another and I have plenty of time. I'm hungry. I'm eager to sink my teeth into the half-eaten sandwich I'm carrying in my purse.

My strides are calm yet determined. I spot this:

I had seen this small path before, walking on the same road. I've wanted to explore it although it looked too much like the entry to a private property. Today I dare going in. It might have been the pending flowers that made it look like the door to another world, or it was the sun inviting me to rest under the trees tops. It doesn't matter.

I look back to see if someone sees me and I stroll in. I'm welcomed by chipping birds, a kind breeze and white butterflies.

As I advance I'm more and more certain that I'm trespassing. I ignore the knot on my stomach and look at the shades of green of the tree leaves above my head; I smell the humidity of the earth below my feet; I hear the cracking sound of the fallen branches at my every step.

I hear a rumbling sound that does not come from my belly. Shortly after I see a construction between the tree trunks; there's no doubt anymore.

I turn to go away. Nature invites me to stay for a while longer, so I leave the rough road embracing the woods, feeling that the birds will hide and protect me from the owner's wrath. I'm wearing red under a black coat.

I give my back to the house and the noise and sit on a tree stump. I eat my sandwich, leaving the crumbs in appreciation of the bird's greeting. The sun thanks me with a warm beam, illuminating every one of us.

I breathe in the moment and go. The butterflies salute me in my way back.


I'm writing this in a charming town, drinking a good caffè macchiato. I pause every once in a while to gaze at the passing people, the buildings and into nothing.

The sun has hidden behind the clouds, providing a cool afternoon. My red scarf protects me from the mountain air and the coffee heats me from the inside. Life is good right now.

Note: These pics were taken by yours truly with her crappy cell phone camera. Please forgive their bad quality, although I've tagged this post as "pretty things". It's the essence that is pretty, not the form. ;)


  1. Sweet, lovely piece, Mari. Soothing even though she's (you?) afraid she'll get caught.

    I love everything about it.

  2. --Gracie: Yup. She's me and she didn't get caught. Left the scene quickly to prevent it, heh. ;)

    Glad you found it soothing. It was indeed a lovely afternoon. :)

  3. This was lovely. And I happen to think the photographs are good too, so there! :-)

  4. --Phyl: Thank you dear. You're too kind. (re: photographs)

    I meant to bring everyone with me in this peaceful afternoon. Glad to know you enjoyed the trip. :)

  5. Beautiful - and photos add to the lovely scene in my head

  6. I love this - I have had so many moments like this, but I could use a few right now.

    It is such a blissful moment to be carried into the beauty of nature. I enjoyed this and now feel I can breathe better, too.

    I like the pics just as they are - they look great! I am dreaming of that cool mountain air and that Italian coffee right now!

  7. --brainhaze: Thank you! Also for your nice comment. Please feel welcome here at Randomities. :)

    --Anne: I'm so glad dear, that this brought you back to good memories, and, wow, that it made you breathe better! *feeling giddy* heh

    I will offer you an Italian coffee in person some day. ;)

  8. --ganymeder: I couldn't not share it, heh. Glad you liked it. :)


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