Saturday, August 28, 2010

B-day Giveaway - Winner Announced

That's it folks. My birthday has passed, I'm officially one year older now and all remains the same. As expected, eh? heh

For reasons different than getting older -- I soon found out -- I needed humor, and you provided me lots of it. I was particularly entertained by the appearance of some characters on my party to which creators I'd like to give a special thanks:

>> Laura Eno, for bringing Jezebel to the party, who behaved almost perfectly by not eating the guests, although she scared the birthday girl, knowing that I'm terrified of her. uh 
>> Grace Crone, for bringing her dragon Aurmid to the party, who made a crusty roasted goat  with the help(?) of my trolls Kratan and Kutril. 
>> Jodi MacArthur, for offering her beloved Carnivorous Pony as a gift and giving me some amazing intergalactic coffee. I tried to put the Pony together with Jezebel for a chat but it seems it didn't work. Too bad, heh. 
>> Lexx Clarke, for zombifying his artist to my entertainment. 
>> Angie Capozello, for the moisted donuts Nox and Grimm brought me. I didn't even notice the dog drool in them, see? heh
>> Sam Adamson, for Botchett's and Swazzle's sneaky visit. The only prank they've played on me was stealing some ice cream; since it was delicious I understand them, heh. 

Before I announce the winner, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time comment and made an effort to be funny, entertaining or simply wished me a happy birthday. I did, and it was thanks to you

One final thanks goes for Monica Marier, who graciously gave an ARC of her debut novel Must Love Dragons, which I read in one sit. I had a very quiet and entertaining birthday, which is precisely what I wanted. Besides, I had the coolest party here at Randomities that I'll never forget. Thank you all from my heart! <3

Now, my gift card was of $20. Since most books you asked as a present cost much less, and you all were so successful in amusing me, I've decided to giveaway two books, which will go to:

1) Maria A.Kelly, for drawing the first chuckle of the day, and a good one, with fingers and all! She chose Laura Eno's new book, Prophecy Moon

2) Angie Capozello, for bringing be donuts in the most funny way possible. Besides I'm a drooler over Nox and Grimm! (pun intended, heh) She chose Sara Ash's Children of the Serpent Gate, book 3 of the Tears of Artamon. 

Maria and Angie, please send your physical addresses to: mari dot juniper at gmail dot com. I hope you girls will enjoy your presents. Please let me know what you think once you finish reading them.  

Thanks everyone for playing and have a great weekend! :)


  1. Congratulations Angie and Maria, though like Mari I thought everyone's contributions were fantastic :o)

    Here's to another year of exciting writing for all *toasts with Prosecco, the official Randomities drink*

  2. --Lexx: Cheers! *clinks glass* :)

  3. thank you for the book! A very fine, hobbit-ish thing to do, giving gifts on your birthday :)

    Happy birthday, and I'll join Lexxy in that toast - you can have my Prosecco though, I'll stick to tea ;) *clinkies*

  4. Oh, hai...I actually won something? Woo-hoo! I'm going to Disneyworld!! Thanks, lady. Glad you liked the old zombie joke. :)

  5. Cheers!

    Congrats to the winners :)

  6. Congrats to Maria and Angie! I'm doing a happy dance that Maria picked MY book! WOOT!

    I'm so glad you had a great birthday. I think quiet ones are best. Glad to hear that Jezebel sort of behaved herself.

  7. techtigger and Maria: I've just placed the order to your books, yay!

    Angie, tea it is! *clinks glass* ;D

    Maria, you can see I'm a foreigner by my lack of knowledge of old jokes. This one was new to me and more fitting impossible! heh

    --Jemi: Thanks dear, for your ever-present cheerfulness and support. :)

  8. --Laura: I did, and Jezebel was great despite of almost giving me a heart attack, lol.

    I'm happy too that Maria chose your book. Cheers! :)

  9. Aww. Happy Birthday, Mari. And congrats to Mary and Kelly for their birthday book wins. Fine choices I must say. Thinking about it, Sarah Ash (whom I love with all my heart) and Laura Eno write very similarly. And thanks for the shout out. My Little Carnivorous Pony thanks you (munch munch)

  10. I meant to write, she thanks you very munch

  11. Ah...and to me the old jokes are the finest. Unless you've heard them a million times.

    And oh, congrats to Angie, too on her win. That was a very funny post. :D

  12. Congratulations Angie and Maria!
    Glad you had a great B-Day Mari :)

  13. --Jodi: Thank you dear! *munches veggie stuff* hehe ;p

    I knew I had some good reading to catch up with, but every day I find about a 'new' great author I've never heard about. Gee, my wish list is ridiculously long!

    --Maria: Agree, old jokes are the best! Why would that be? *mules over*

    --Lua: Thanks dear! :)

  14. Former-Witch FriendAugust 30, 2010 at 3:23 PM

    I'm happy you had a good birthday party around here, Mari, since I couldn't be phisically with you...

    And I'm happy for the winner - if nothing, I learned that next time I need a hacker, I'll have to find another one... hehe

  15. --Former-Witch: Thanks for joining the party dear, even if only virtually. I did have fun, hhe.

    Oy, no hacking your own friends, eh? :P


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