Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello everyone! It's been a while, no? Have you missed me? I sure have missed you all. :)

I've missed having time to write too, which I haven't had much lately. Or rather, at all! See, my last post was from 31st of August and I haven't been able to visit my writing pals' blogs or chatting on twitter or facebook. Do you realize my last post on twitter is over 20 days old? O.o

Yeah, things have been a bit crazy here in "real life". In fact, in the past few months I've moved from one side of the world to the other, I've changed professions and I've changed my main writing project altogether. Lots of stuff to deal with! 

(What is "real" after all? But we do have to care for our bodies, so we have to work and earn money, right?)

With all that happening and other things going on I realized it would be better to allow myself the time to take care of them and create a better structure in life to allow me getting back to my darling trolls and other characters. 

So this is an indefinite pause in randomities and my writing life. 

My hopes are that things will fall into place on the next few months, but if you feel this is taking way too much, please do give me a nudge! ;P 

Oh, right! There are some people who asked me to give feedback on their work. I will look into the material I've already received and those who are still to send me their work, please don't shy out because of this pause! If you still want this crazy woman's perspective, I still want to give it to you! heh

Well, that's a bye for now, but not a goodbye! XD

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