Monday, January 18, 2010

I've Decided to Change the Blog's Name

Yes, this blog continues being random, the posting will keep being erratic, and there will still be articles, stories and reflections in here.

It will also maintain the autumn theme, and I'll restlessly point you to pretty things, for yours and mine delight; such as this painting below:

"But if all remains the same, why change the blog's name?" you ask.

Well, maybe my lawyer-self have influenced me when I came up with the previous name,

"Random Articles, Reflections and Stories, by Mariana N. Blaser".

Sounds a bit pompous, no? (uh)

Besides, even not knowing if there's such thing as the word "randomities" in English, I rather like it. So I'm keeping it, ha! ;-P And the blog is new, about a month old, so I feel comfortable changing things that I wouldn't in a different situation. (when I'll have a huge audience and a name changing would confuse way too many people, heh)

Finally, I wanted the blog's title to be as warm and personal as the content. The idea here is to interact, -- that is, make good conversation with you -- exchange information, and show you good stuff that I relate with, and I think you might be interested in too.

Now, why don't you tell me what you think of the new name? :)

"mariblaser's randomities"

Note: That superb painting up there is the "Poplars on the Banks by the River Epte in Autumn", by Claude Oscar Monet, which I found here.


  1. By the way, does anyone know how to make the title font small caps? *puzzled*

  2. I have actually seen that randomities is the plural form of randomity, so you're fine with the word.

    I like the look of your blog and the title change.

    Unfortunately, I have no skills which could help you with changing the title font size. Wish I could.

  3. I like the name!! It's catchy & fun - good choice.

  4. Former-Witch FriendJanuary 19, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    The previous name was good enough, but the new one is way better... Yay for good changes!

  5. Whooa, my blog's name is real! heh Thanks Marisa! :D

    Glad to know y'all liked the change. It took me some time to reach a decision, but now I feel comfortable with it.

    Ah, as soon as I find out how to change the font thing, I'll tell you, ok Marisa? :)

  6. I love the autumn theme. It's my favorite season here in the Ozarks. Since you like nature, you might also like my 'real-life' blog, where I muse on the trials and tribulations of homesteading (or my poor attempt at it) and the rural life:

    Not sure if html or web addresses will be accepted here, though.

    Your new blog name is a lot more personal, although I liked the old one, too.

  7. Thanks Madison, for stopping by and share our opinion. I'm glad you liked what I changed and what I decided not to change. :)


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