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This is the place where I highlight the wonderful people who have contributed to Randomities's content. Check them out!

If you'd like to guest post or have your profile pictured here in some other way, give me a shout at the contact page. :)

Kevin J Mackey is native Irish but now lives in the far drier climate of the San Francisco Bay Area. He reads widely - "whatever may be found between book covers" - but has a particular fondness for science fiction and poetry. He has had both flash and short fiction published in 2010 and 2011.

He also published "Haiku - Through a Lens", a collection of haiku and photographs on the themes of Light, Darkness, Travel and Seasons. He says he "follows in his father's ink-splotches".

Kevin is another of my knights in shiny armor. To him I dedicated a whole week, when he was interviewed, he had a guest post here at randomities, and a book review. He most certainly deserves the attention!

Monica Marier
Monica Marier is a caffeinated writer, artist, mother and eccentric. On weekdays, she's busy working on her books, recording audio files, and composing serials and short stories for her blog. On weekends she's a co-founder of Tangent Artists, a webcomic company where she writes and does art for 3 comic series. 

Her book “Must Love Dragons” is now on-sale through Lulu,Amazon, and upon request at Barnes & Noble. The sequel “Runs in Good Condition” is now available for pre-order through Hunt Press. Her serial, “Madame Bluestocking’sPennyhorrid” is now running in the e-zine Dr. Fantastique’s Show of Wonders.

Learn how Monica landed a book deal through Facebook (believe me),  the wise questions she asked before signing, and the many projects this multi-talented artist is developing, in her interview, and read the review of her book, 'Runs in Good Condition'.

Emma drinks too much tea, has too many ideas and writes too many stories. You can find out more about her debut novel '20 Years Laterhere. She blogs and gets up to all kinds of writing mischief at www.enewman.co.uk.

'From Dark Places' is available in print and e-book book formats. You can buy a signed copy from her website and if you like dark short stories, join Em's Short Story Club to get an original short story for free in your inbox every month.

Emma has recorded audio books for publishers and has narrated short stories for fiction podcasts. To find out more about her voice work go to www.enewman.co.uk/voiceYou can  also find Emma on Twitter: @emapocalyptic.

Emma is a long term contributor of the #FridayFlash community, who has had several stories featuring in anthologies and now has two published books. Her debut novel, '20 Years Later' is available in ebook forma and will be out in print format July 2011. Can't miss it!

Emma Newman's Week include an interview, a story featuring one of the characters from her anthology 'From Dark Places' and the review of one of her books.

Laura Eno lives in Florida with a very tolerant husband, three skulking cats and two absurdly happy dogs. She has a pet from the Underworld named Jezebel and a skull called Mr. Fluffy who help her write novels late at night. Please visit her strange imagination at http://lauraeno.blogspot.com

Laura is a multi-published writer of long and short fiction. You can see samples of her humorous, scary and frequently thought-provoking stories at her blog. Or you can find her books at Amazon or Smashwords. She's also one of my most valued knights. 

Laura Eno's Week include an interview, a story featuring Laura and her muse, Mr. Fluffy, and the review of one of her books: Don't Fall Asleep, a Dream Assassin Novel.

Cathy Webster lives on the sunshiny banks of the Muskoka River near Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. She shares her rustic, 131-year-old log cabin with her new husband, Dave, two good-looking sons, two cats, one smallish dog and some squirrels in the attic. When she's not blogging at Life on the Muskoka River or coveting her new Kindle, she's designing magazines, camping at one of Ontario's gorgeous provincial parks, or fishing on the riverbank. Some day she thinks she might try writing a novel. Some day ... but you're not holding your breath, are you?

Cathy has amazing fiction in her blog, and her real life anecdotes are extremely amusing! Being one of the knights in shiny armor that rescued this dame when she was in distress (yup, that's me) her contribution to Randomities is one of the most valuable one could give! So I've dedicated her a whole week. 

Cathy Webster's Week includes an interview, and a story featuring Cathy herself!

Claudia Hall Christian is the author of the sweet and crunchy serial fiction,Denver Cereal and the heartfelt thrill ride, the Alex the Fey thriller series. She is a co-owner of Cook Street Publishing and the leader of #bookmarket, Twitter’s only chat on Book Marketing, on Thursdays 4 p.m. ET. She can be reached at her personal blog – On A Limb, Twitter at @ClaudiaC or on Facebook at facebook.com/claudia.h.christian.

She wrote a great post on why writers should care (a lot) about connecting with bookstores, which has some marketing tips. Click here to read it. 

Dan Holloway
Dan Holloway is a founder member of Year Zero Writers, and curator of eight cuts gallery and eight cuts gallery press. His articles on publishing, short stories, poems, music and poetry reviews, and papers on post-communist Europe have appeared in print and across the blogosphere. He is the author of the novel Songs from the Other Side of the Wall, and the collection of stories and poems (life:) razorblades included (left), both available from his website.

I interviewed Dan about his newly born publishing company, the eight cuts gallery press. Check out his revolutionary vision on modern publishing, as well as an excerpt of the eight cuts' first releases, Charcoal, by Oli Johns, and The Dead Beat, by Cody JamesClick here to see it.

Olive O'Brien
Olive O'Brien is a children’s writer based in Cork, Ireland. You can find out more about her at Silver Angel Publishing or at her blogs, where she spends most of her time, at Write Olive and Movie News First.

She wrote a fantastic post about the difference between writing for kids and for adults. On the comments she shared even more information about the publishing industry of children's books. Pure wisdom! Click here to see it.

Also, here's a list of links to my stuff on some generous people's blogs:

--La Bella Italia: guest post for Olive O'Brien
--Chat-interview at The Penny Dreadful (transcripts)
--Fire!: story hosted by the gentleman FARfetched at the FAR Manor, as part of the Great April's Fool Day Blogswap, organized by Tony Noland.
-- Endure: story hosted by the lovely Johanna Harness, at the #amwriting blog.

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