Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kights on the Spotlight - Wrap Up

Understand why the fuss, HERE.
Picture credits on this post.
As you've probably seen, the new computer has arrived! 

So it's time to stop blathering about it and start sending out those rewards to my knights in shiny armor. If you recall, the image at the left is the sign of a knight-post that will include three sets of rewards:

  1. A link list of people who helped by spreading the word. 
  2. A guest post, book review, or interview for who donated small amounts, blogged about it, or helped in other substantial way.
  3. A story written by yours truly, featuring the knight or one of their characters for those who contributed significantly and/or chipped in generously.
I've also recently mentioned that while I interviewed them and wrote some of the stories, I came up with an idea: they would have an entire week dedicated to them here at Randomities, instead of a single post. Yes, a whole week! 

Now, as the title says, this post is a wrap up of everything that's coming up for my lovely knights, so it'll be updated as we go. 

So far, I have the following programmed, in no particular order:

Knight-dedicated weeks

Individual posts:
  • Icy Sedgwickbook review
  • Anne Tyler Lordguest post
  • Yvonne DeBusschere: oh, she's in Laura's story ;P
  • Marisa Birns: guest post
  • Candance Carter: book review
  • Laurita Millerguest post
  • Gineveve Ching: book review
  • Monica Marierbook review
  • Tomara Armstrong: to be defined
  • Pamila Payne: to be defined
  • Angela Perry: to be defined

Wow, that makes eight knight-dedicated weeks and ten individual posts! See how lucky I am for having so many good friends? *grinz*

Stay tunned!  ;D 


  1. Update: Cathy Webster's Week starts tomorrow with her interview! Her story comes up this Friday, so stay tunned. ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll make an exception for you, Mari, on the date. :)

  3. --Gineveve (G.P.): The visit was my pleasure. :) Thanks for the exception. I'll make sure to post your review on April, though. This way I won't abuse of your kindness.

  4. That's quite a line-up! Yvonne's in my story? Does Jezebel eat her? :)

  5. --Laura: Bwahahhahaha!

    Nop, no people-eating in this one, sorry! But Yvonne does show up. She's been warned! :P

    As for Jezebel's feeding, hmm, we could arrange something in a future opportunity. ;D But I'm vowed to protect Yvonne. I'm way too grateful to her, to let her go through something like that. (uh)

  6. Update: Cathy's interview is up! Click here to read it.

  7. I am so glad you got your computer. I know what it is like to be with out it...or in my case the dsl connection until you can afford it. Being on a fixed income sucks...

    Any way glad you are up and running again, thanks to a whole lot of wonderful friends.

    Pamela Jo

  8. --Pamela: Thank you! Friends are the most valuable "thing" one can have in life. And I'm not talking about the financial support only, but specially about the friendship itself, that is priceless!

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  9. Update: Cathy's story is up! Click here to read it.

  10. Announcement! Laura Eno's Week comes up next week! And no, this is no April's Fool joke, it's for real. ;P

  11. Update: Laura Eno's Week starts TOMORROW with her interview. Woot!

  12. Update: One of the "to be defined" rewards has been defined. Monica Marier will have a book review. Woot! :)

  13. Update: Laura's story is up! *evil laughter* :D

  14. Update: Not programmed, but there, this is Earth's Week. We all have much to thank to Mother Earth, don't we? ;)

  15. Update: G.P. Ching published her book, Soulkeepers, and it's reviewed here at Randomities. Check it out! :)

  16. Update: Emma Newman's Week starts this Tuesday! :D

  17. Update: Emma's story is up! Instead of herself featuring, it's a character of hers, from her anthology, FROM DARK PLACES. :D

  18. Update: The review of FROM DARK PLACES is up!

  19. Update: Kevin J Mackey's Week starts today with his interview, yay! We have a different week this time. Stay tunned!

  20. Update: Kevin's guest post is up!

  21. Update: The review of Kevin's book Haiku Through a Lens is up!


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