Friday, March 18, 2011

I Have It!

Yessss. After a long wait the shiny new computer has arrived! YAY! :D 

Actually, *ahem*, I have to confess something. It has been a few days since it's arrived but it's been crazy these days! Sorry? *doggie face* 

Anyway, I think you can imagine my excitement when I saw that slim box up there. :D 

As you must have noticed, I've purchased a Samsung. It's a netbook with 1G of run memory and 250G of storage. If you're curious about the technicals, give it a google to "N150-JP02", which is the CP's model. ;)

Red, who has been extremely helpful and incredibly available throughout the buying process, suggested me better machines to buy as well. But I had a limited budget (not wanting to take advantage of my dear writing pals) and I had to buy here in Italy (thus paying in euros) because no seller would ship it here. (boo!) So I settled for a good computer, not an outstanding one. 

"Who's this Red you're talking about?" you ask. 

He's the tech-savvy friend John Wiswell introduced to me to give advice on the deal. He was fundamental! Thanks so much, Red!

Now, knight-Red, who's always drunk but drinks only water, has been playing at Devian Art for a while. I'd suggest you take a look at his work. His characters have loads of attitude!

And now, *drum roll*, I present you my shiny new computer! 

Sorry for the bad quality picture.
My cell phone wasn't made for such things. :P 

It's small, it's cute, and, *coughs*, it's YELLOW!

Look, it literally shines! :D

Yeah, I was hurting a bit when I had to go for a yellow computer, but when it arrived, I couldn't be happier. I looks much better in person that on picture. Believe me. ;)

Also, since I went for a cheaper option (although very satisfying, I cannot stress enough) I could get a few useful accessories as well, like the cool yellow mini-mouse that matches the computer's color perfectly, the bag for carrying it safely, and a white mini hub with four exits that I'm sure I'd regret not buying. 

Cute, eh? :)
Now, I'm as tired as you must be of reading "thank you" all over  Randomities, so I'll start acting instead of yakking about it. Which means that next week will be Cathy Webster's Week! Woot! 

Come back Tuesday for her interview, and read her story next Friday. See you then? :) 

Note: If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the last paragraphs of this post


  1. It is absolutely beautiful, Mari-girl. And I love that it is a sunny yellow! You did very well.

    You must give it a name!

    *toasts you and the computer with Prosecco*

    That yellow mini-mouse is soooo cute :)

  2. --Marisa: I'm so happy about it, Mari-girl! :D

    *clinks glass*

  3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

  4. --Phyl: Thanks, darling! Your excitement makes me feel even happier. :D

    --Jemi: Thanks!

  5. It's so SHINY and YELLOW and BRIGHT and HAPPY! *looks forlornly at my matte-finish gray laptop*
    I just LOVE it!!!!
    And the matching mini-mouse is to die for!
    Prettier than a new dress! Yay you! Yay Red! OMG next week!

  6. Love it, Mari! Happy writing. And surfing. And tweeting! :)

  7. Congratulations! And it does look cute!

  8. Thanks guys, I'm so happy! :)

  9. I'm so happy for you, honey, looks great! :)

  10. Happy to have been able to help, Mari, with dollars or recommendations. Spoke to David last night and he said it was no problem. He was glad to lend a hand.

  11. --Estrella: Thanks! Am giddy too. :)

    --John: David (Red) was most gracious!

  12. It's cute as a bug and the color of sunshine. And hey, you can throw it in your purse or book bag and take it to the library or park, or wherever you go. It's like that perfect medium between an ereader and laptop. So you get the best of both worlds. Those netbooks are awesome! My laptop is just a little larger than a netbook and I'm as happy as pie with it. Enjoy! Happy for you. Lookin forward to the interviews and blog happiness here. ;-)

  13. Ooooh...shiny! Yay! I think yellow is awesome. I've been considering a netbook, as laptops are too heavy.

  14. --Jodi: Thanks, darling! I'm super happy with the gift you all gave me.

    Awesome that you brought the sunshine as reference. It's way better than the color of an egg. 0.o (lol)

    --Laura: I think it's a perfect solution! These days it's much easier to find netbooks that are as good as any notebook around there. I've had super heavy notebooks and it's a pain! (in your case literally O.O) I totally advise you to get a net. ;)

  15. Not only is it shiny and lovely, it's also physical proof that writing communities can do wonderful things. So happy for you!

    I must admit, I am tempted to go for a netbook when I need an upgade, as this laptop is far too heavy for trips to cafes for writing...

  16. Shiny! - as they used to say in one of the best sci-fi tv series. "D

    Excellent, Mari. Enjoy!

  17. It's so adorable!!! I'm so happy for you and so proud of the writing community who pitched in to help a friend. Can't wait to start reading the new stories. :)

  18. --Emma: I don't think I'll ever get a "full" laptop again. Too heavy indeed! And the netbooks have better and better systems, so it's way better. ;)

    --Kevin (KjM): Yes! Shiny, happy looking, and as Jodi put so well, it's the color of sunshine. A perfect symbol for the happiness you all bring me. :D

    --Dani: Thanks, dear! This Friday we'll have my re-debut with a very special event: Cathy's Week! ;D

  19. Hooray! It's lovely. I'm so glad you can write again!

  20. --Angela: Yeah, I love it! I feel like a person again, now that I don't have the computer limitation. ;P

  21. Yay! I love the color! If I'd gotten a Vaio, I would have gone for the gold one. You must feel like you can finally breathe online again. :)


  22. --Cecilia: I can! And off line too. :D


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