Monday, March 28, 2011

Uh, oh! Randomities Won the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

That's the yummier blog award Randomities has been graced with. Don't you feel hungry just by looking at it? I know I do! 

Now, I don't know if I thank Angela Perry for the nice reminder, of if I go over there and kick her in the butt for trying to make me fat. Kidding! Thanks, Angela! I really appreciate (in many ways, I should add) your award. 

As for the award rules, I'm going to comply this time:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. 
2. Share four guilty pleasures that you have.
3. Pass the award on to six blogs.

So, there I go sharing my pleasurable guilt with you:
  • This award's image got at me. Yes, I'm totally addicted to sugar, even though I'm aware that it's highly poisonous. I'm not talking only about our beloved chocolate, but also about good quality biscuits to go with coffee, cakes with tea, desserts, ice cream, pastries... Hmmm!
  • Wine. Oh, how I love good wine! Not in excess, of course, but in small amounts, with good food. Ahhhh! The taste of the wine itself is wonderful, and the combination with food is something different all together. Then you taste the food without the wine and it's yet another palative experience. And there's the dessert wine to go with all those wonderful sins I mentioned... Hmmm! (Gee, I'm hungry.)
  • There's no guilt in that, I love cooking for friends! I don't take as much pleasure in every day cooking, but even so it can be quite nice, depending on the day. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm no great cook! But I do manage. ;)
  • I love writing "bad people". The more wicked the greater the fun! Of course I take care to make them believable. (Hoping dearly that they are!) Talking about it, I'd like to direct you to a cool post on how to write good villains. It reflects my exact feelings about it. (Thanks Dani, for sharing it!)

And now to the fun part! I'm sending out some fattening love to these six irresistibly sweet bloggers:

--Danielle La Paglia, at Dani's Flash Fiction Blog

--Cecilia Dominic, at Cecilia's Random Writings

--Cathy Webster, at Life on the Muskoka River

--Kevin Mackey, at KjM on the web

--Sam Adamson, at Future Nostalgic

--Monica Marier, at Attack of the Muses

--Laura Eno, at A Shift in Dimensions

Finally, I'd suggest you got back to Angela's post and read her comment on SEO and love-spreading. She's got it all right! ;D


  1. Congrats to you and the awardees! :)

    I love writing villains too - I really enjoy writing from their pov. Not quite sure what that says about me though ... :)

  2. --Jemi: I assure you no one here is going to judge you for liking to write villains from their POV. ;)

    I'm dying to see your villain, btw. Have you thought about posting an excerpt of your novel on your blog? Or are you waiting to get it pubbed?

  3. Thanks so much, Mari! What a very SWEET award! :D

  4. --Monica: My pleasure, dear! It seems it's meant to put water on our mouths. :)

  5. How SWEET it is! What a yummy award! I swear, I just got a new cavity looking at it. But hey, strawberry's a fruit, right? So it's not all bad!!!!
    Thanks Mari! YOU are the sweetest bloggy person in blogland and you are totally deserving!!!!!

  6. How sweet! Uh, pun not intended... Thank you so much, Mari and congrats to you as well!
    Like Cathy said, there's fruit so it's healthy (unless you eat the whole pie, like I would)

  7. Thank you so much! You're too sweet with just right amount of evil. :)

  8. --Cathy and Laura: Can't deny there's the fruit in there, which, btw, I adore! :P

    I too would eat the whole pie, if given the chance. O.o

    --Dani: Does it mean I'm human? lol

    Thanks, that's a fine compliment. :D

  9. Thank you, Mari. Yes. That's how *everyone* thinks of me - irresistibly sweet. Uh-huh. :-}

    Dessert wine...oh yes!

    Congratulations on your award, Mari. Enjoy (and award calories aren't fattening).

  10. That's a strawberry pavlova unless I'm very much mistaken...I'll take three! :D

    Huge congrats on the award, Mari. I can't think of a more deserving recipient!

    And thanks so much for passing it on to me...Mmmm, chocolate, I'm so with you on that one! :)

  11. Congrats honey!
    (now I'm embarrassed... just remembered I forgot to formally thank you on my blog for the award you gave me a while back)
    But I'm sending huge hugs to make up for it! *huge hugs*

  12. --Kevin (KjM): I don't care how other people see you. From my side of the net, you're one of the sweetest people I've ever met! :P

    --Sam: Thanks, my friend. *hands the pies* :D

    --Estrella: Don't worry, darling. You thanked me in private, remember?

  13. Another sugar addict! *high five* I've tried to break the addiction, but it isn't worth it ;)

    I love writing bad people too. I love torturing my characters. I suspect that if it weren't for writing, some of us would get into big trouble.


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