Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not Yet!

Understand why the fuss, HERE.
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You're wondering if this is "the post" in which I show you my shiny new computer, which I bought with your generous help, right? 


All donations have arrived now, but before it happened I did something stupid. I asked Paypal to transfer all my donations to my credit card. I didn't know at the time which computer I was going to buy, and knowing that such withdrawal (as they call it) would take a few days, I thought I should anticipate myself. If I were to go to a physical store I'd have the money ready, and if I decided to  buy it online I could use my credit card all the same. Precautious girl, eh? 

But you see, what I wasn't counting is that Paypal withdrawals take from 3 (okay) to 14 freaking working days! Why a mere virtual transaction would take so long? I'm not sure, but my sister (from whose computer I'm writing now) suspects they take all withdrawals and put it on highly lucrative short term investments. How else would they be able to maintain that structure with the pitiful commissions they charge for their services?

Well, since I'm here and I'd hate to see you through a whiny-only post, I'm going to share some good news as well. ;) 

See the picture up there? It's the mark that you'll see on every reward-post I'm preparing for my lovely and generous knights. Here's what you'll see at Randomities as soon as evil Paypal releases my darned money:

Some of the major contributors will have a whole week dedicated to them at Randomities. Yes, a whole week! :D 

Say, Cathy Webster, who's been a fundamental help for me to reaching my funding goal: she'll have an interview posted on Tuesday, and a story featuring herself and someone close to her on Friday. 

Laura Eno, for instance, will have an additional book review, posted on Sunday. The differentiation here is only because Cathy hasn't written a novel yet. If she had, she'd have the same treatment as Laura. These two are the almost-ready stuff that are coming up soon. Of course I'm preparing other knight-dedicated weeks for the near future. ;D  

In the meantime, there will be people on the spotlight with single posts as well. So prepare yourself for amazing books to be reviewed here, guest posts, interviews and more! 

I'm almost as excited about the knight-weeks and posts as I am from having the new CP in my fidgeting hands. ;D

Update: I finally have it! If you're curious to see pictures, please visit this post. ;)


  1. The 3-14 day rule is largely Paypal giving itself leeway. You never know when a deal will look shady, a government will intervene, or a bank/money source will process slowly. Most of their transfers don't take nearly that long. This is their excuse for those times that it does. Hopefully your money will be available sooner.

  2. Paypal! Yeah, why does it have to take so long for virtual transactions! Well, lots to look forward to anyway.

  3. A week! OMG!!!!! "Someone close to me????" Squeeee! Oh, I can hardly wait to see what's up!
    Now I feel extra pressure in writing a novel... anyone have any ideas? Can I get one done before next week? LOL!
    I hope you get your computer sooner rather than later.. and I think that sister of yours deserves knight-status too!

  4. Well, the wait's almost over...breathe deep! Cathy needs to get that novel written. I can hardly wait to see what you've cooked up for all your knights. :)

  5. --John: Although your comment is quite reasonable (as usual) I can't shake the feeling that they're profiting from this prolonged period when it seems that there's no crisis that justifies such delay.

    --Clarissa: Thanks! I'm looking forward for your next visit. :)

    --Cathy: Please don't feel pressured for writing a novel. I'm sure the idea and will to do so will come in due time. And if it doesn't come, it's all right as well. ;P

    --Laura: I hope you'll like it!

  6. UPDATE:

    Paypal returned the money to my account. I was going to do the crazy dance for it, but I just realized that the Italian Amazon does not accept Paypal!

    Also, neither the American or British Amazon websites will ship the notebook to Italy. Blegh!

    "Why Amazon, necessarily?" you ask.

    Well, they have the best prices from far (on my budget range, that is) and the delivery costs are feasible.

    So, I'm asking for a withdrawal *again*, and hope it arrives sooner than later this time.

    Please be patient with me. I'm trying to be patient too.

  7. I do most of my shopping at Amazon because of the prices as well. Can Paypal transfer the money into your bank account...or is that what you're waiting for?
    Nobody is being impatient with you - except you, of course! It will all come together when it's meant to. :)

  8. --Laura: Thanks so much, dear. You're right, I'm the one who's impatient. ;P

    And yes, that was exactly the problem. I asked Paypal to transfer the money, and it got credited back on my paypal account. (after ten long days, I should add)

  9. UPDATE:

    I found an online store here in Italy that accepts paypal, which is trustworthy. I've also found a computer that fits my needs and budget, so I can finally say, YAY! Me gots a computer! :D

    As soon as it arrives, I'll post a picture.

    Giddy, giddy! (And as Laura said, impatient. Can you imagine me waiting fourteen more days and running the risk of another failed withdrawal? O.o)

  10. Wow, all that for a computer!

    Not a huge fan of PayPal here, but I do use it. I can't believe the American Amazon site would not let you order/ship. I wonder if I can buy/ship overseas.

    Can't wait to see what you ordered. The wait is almost over! Yay!

  11. I'm stuck (struck?) with this image of Mari dancing from foot to foot trying to hold in her... excitement. :D

    Glad to read you've got your computer, Mari (or at least that it's on order and will be delivered in the fullness of time). Know this one thing, you are far from alone in being impatient.

    Know this other thing - we are very happy this worked out for you.

  12. --Laura: Thanks for sharing my excitement! (and previously, my suffering ;P)

    --Sheree: Nonsense, eh?

    I don't think Paypal itself would create problems with shipping abroad. It's the website's shipping policy that kills the deal. Boo!

    Almost there! *fidgets* ;)

    --Kevin (KjM): That imagery of yours will become very true (holding my new CP, however, heh) as soon as I get the physical thing in my giddy hands!

    As for being alone, there's no way I'd feel alone having friends like yourself. :D

  13. I'm so excited for you Mari. I got my newer laptop two years back. My other laptop was missing six buttons, would barely start up, overheated on a regular basis, and I forget what finally cracked the barrel. I think it just died. I do know I got my stories off it somehow. Waiting to get the new computer from the store to home was hard, I can't imagine you waiting all this time. That would drive me absolutely bonkers! You'll get it soon! It'll be new and fast, and you'll feel like you died and went to heaven. ;-) Hugs!

  14. ps. I dont remember if I said this or not, but I think it is so SO amazing, all the kindness and generosity that is among the writing community. Fills me with joy to see all the faces and names off to the side and below. ;-)

  15. --Jodi: Thanks, dear! As a matter of fact, I'm writing from it right now. The week has been crazy so I couldn't share the good news until now.

    You were right though. I went bonkers! heh

    Yeah, I'm all warm inside, and I think it'll take a long time for this wonderful feeling to fade away. The memory of it, however, will stay with me forever.


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