Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to Randomities' New Home!

Hello there!

Please feel most welcome in Randomities' new home! :D

As you see, nothing changed. Randomities continues being autumn themed, everything looks the same, except for the little changes I keep doing, heh, and the content will keep being random and the posting erratic.

The only thing is that now we have a new web address:

If you're popping in for the first time, please be most welcome! Feel free to browse in. All Rantomities' content was transferred here, for yours and our lovely regular visitors' delight.

Please notice that you can receive Randomities by RSS feed, by email, and you can follow its content by becoming a Google Pal and a Facebook Pal as well.

If you have any difficulties, I'd ask you to be a little patient, as the final details are still being arranged. You know, when you move in there are a lot of boxes to unpack!

Note to all Randomities's Pals: guys, please follow here too, so we won't lose contact. :)

Finally, if you're curious about the reasons why we moved, stay tuned. Soon I'll explain the whole thing. ;P


  1. Oh, I like the new address, Mari-girl! And the coffee was delicious!

  2. Oh, leave me hanging on why the move...good hook! ;)

  3. Hey girl,
    Looking good here. I'd love a cup of coffee with a touch of cream of sugar. Was the pic above taken in Italy? Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I'm likin' those orangey colors.

  4. --Mari-girl (Marisa): Thanks! Glad you liked the coffee. If you come back later I'll have some wine to celebrate the new house. ;)

    --Laura: Hehe, true. But it's also true that with the moving I didn't have time to write the explanation post!

    --Jodi: *handing steaming cup* Careful. :)

    The pic was taken by the awesome photographer Danny Beath (who kindly allowed me to use it for Randomities) but I don't know where. Am curious too, heh.

  5. Congrats on the new place, looking good. You have me all intrigued now about why you moved, but I can wait...

    We still have boxes to unpack after moving 5 years ago (did I really just admit that out loud?!).

  6. --Sam: Five years? Oh man, once I took almost a year to unpack and it drove me crazy! lol

    Ah, no worries, I'm unpacking Randomities' stuff really fast, so you won't have to wait much for the explanation, heh.

  7. Hi Mari,

    I commented, but it was on the old site - Congrats and it looks great!

    I still bring you wine, cheese and brownies to your new home. I like what you have done with the place.

    don't worry sam, we lived out of boxes for almost 20 years. I think we are staying put now, but we moved almost every 3-4 years.

  8. --Anne: Wow, cool idea! I was in such a hurry that I forgot to celebrate, duh.

    Hey everyone, wine an prosecco on me!

    Grab a chair, sprawl yourself in the couch, please make yourself comfortable.

    Open house party, wheeee! :D

  9. WooHoo! We are just coming off a great weekend party and now we get to party here!

    Open house - House Warming Party

    We can certainly warm you up!

    Thanks for the wine and prosecco - my fav!

  10. Oooh, now returned after a long hot day and will sit and have a delicious Prosecco! Thank you Mari-girl and Anne!

    I've brought prosciutto and cheese...

  11. --Anne: Oh, that's true... Well, at least it's a light party, no dangerous pools, luminescent green burgers, and all, heh. Your parties are wild and most funny! lol

    We can just relax in a nice couch with great wine and great company. Thanks for starting this! :D

    --Marisa> More cheese, yumm! Thanks Mari-girl!

    I'll leave the prosciutto to the non-veggie guys. Enjoy! :)

  12. Mari,
    The h'orderves are fabulous. You really know how to throw a party! Congrats on the new pad. Looking good! Thanks for the invite. :)

  13. I like your place: Sorry, I haven't seen the old one. I brought some Shiraz, but I don't have any glasses. All mine are broken. I have a snoopy mug, though, and a tray of brownies.


  14. Hey everyone, our wine-gang friend Lexx @LexxClarke brought Porto. He left at the old addy and asked me to share with you guys. :D

    --Dawn: It's lovely to have you. :) Wonderful that you're having a good time, and that you like the new-old look, heh.

    --Monica: The old one looks much like this, but the (web) addy is different and there are some minor details here and there that I'm always changing. ;)

    No worries about the mug, but if you'd like a glass I can find something. ;)

    *offering a prosciutto tray & glass of prosecco to go with*

    Hmm, your brownies are yummy. Love it!

  15. Ah, Monica please be most welcome and make yourself at home.

    Everyone is very nice here. I'm sure you'll like to meet these crazy, err, creative and lovely people, heh. ;D

  16. Well, I'm a little late to the party, but happy to visit you in your new home. Sure am curious as to why you moved, though!

  17. Having a glass of Zin to celebrate!

  18. Cool, have bookmarked the new page:)

  19. --Penny: Thanks for stopping by!

    --Madison: You're not late. If it depended on this would be an ongoing party for every time someone needed to chill out and have a good wine and something tasty to eat.

    So, grab a glass and have some cookies. ;)

    --Aidan: *clinks glass*

    What is Zin, may I ask? I looked up and I only found reference to a type of grape Zinfandel. Is it wine or distilled? Sounds like a distilled beverage, and a strong one! heh

    --Olive: Thanks Olive! :D

  20. Hey everyone!

    Besides Lexx's Porto, Jemi @JemiFrasier brought us a Black Forest cheese cake *mouth watering* and Olivia @SimplyOlivia brought the traditional rice krispie treats, yummm.

    *speaking with a full mouth* If you guys don't take something, it'll be over really soon. This stuff is amazing! heh

  21. sorry, I am late to the party, but since it was your home, I knew I was always welcome!:) even at odd nyc hours! :)

    I like the new twitter name and this! super!



  22. --Annie: Of course you're welcome any time! :D

    Cheers for odd times and new beginnings!

  23. Zinfandel is a wine, often "they say" that it has black plum notes and pepper. I've only seen it grown in California, but that doesn't mean it isn't grown elsewhere. We usually buy most of our wine when we go wine tasting; which unfortunately means I get bored of our local varietals (I yearn for more Nebbiolos, Barbosas, Sangioveses).

    BTW, I like the new icon.

  24. --Aidan: Ohh, wine! You must talk to Lexx (@LexxClarke) and Cecilia (@RandomOenophile). They're all about wine. ;)

    Glad you liked the icon. I was a bit worried about the change.

  25. Sorry I'm late Mari - I've pretty much missed out on the entire last week. Congratulations on the new place, and I'm so glad you kept the colors - autumn is my favorite time of year, so if I ever feel I need a dose during the horrific extreme temps here I just pop on over here and gaze.
    I guess since I'm so late I'll skip the coffee and do my best to catch up with all the winos. ;)

  26. --Deanna: *handing a glass of my best wine*

    Never late, the house is always open for you dear, with wine and all. :)

    I hope you're feeling better this week, and it makes me more happy than you can imagine to know that Randomities is a source of solace for you in hard times.

    I promise to keep sharing pretty things in here, so you won't be bored when you come back, ok? :)


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