Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like a Weird Dream - #FridayFlash

"I'm sorry to say this, but you don't look much like an angel," said Helen apologetically. "I hope you won't be offended."

Oscar smiled warmly. "Don't worry, your reaction is normal." Pointing behind her he added, "See that light? Who besides an angel of death could show it to you?"


This is when realization hit and Helen noticed her surroundings. They were seated on... nothing. There was no floor, no sky, no color -- not even white or black or something in between --no fog, nothing she could associate or make an analogy with. Yet, it felt solid and safe under her.

"Look," said Oscar, pointing down.

Between her dangling feet, she could see her own body laid on the coroner's table, who was going through the initial stages of the autopsy, talking to a small voice recorder about the external aspect of her shell. He opened her eye, making a verbal note.

She gaped, "My eyes, they look just like yours!"

"Yes," replied Oscar.

"I don't understand, this must be a dream," she mumbled, "Not a good one though."

Oscar smiled broadly and said, shaking his head, "Indeed, death feels much like a weird dream."

She looked at him with hopeless eyes, which were drawn to the open wound in his head.

"I'm sorry if my appearance is disappointing to you, but I assure you that the light right behind you is the real thing."

She looked over her shoulder, still curious. Momentarily forgetting about her companion's appearance she asked, "So the accident was real too? Not a bad dream?"

Oscar motioned negatively.

"What now then?"

"There's the light," he said, nodding to its direction.

"Are you coming with me?"

"Oh, no, I can't cross," he said softly, "I'll just keep you company until you're able to let go."


She looked down once more. This time she saw her funeral, filled with friends and family. She felt bad about the emotional distance with which she saw her daughters and her husband weeping for her, or for the pain her absence caused.

Helen sat there, reviewing her life backwards, unaware of the patient and silent man beside her. When all that was left was her own feet to watch and she had given them a good look, she got up in the nothing where they sat, being followed by Oscar.

As they walked she looked at him sideways, thinking that he should have been a gorgeous man when he was alive. He had a muscular body under the straps he wore and nice brown hair that was once accompanied by candid eyes. She wondered how could an undead be a death angel. Angels are angels, she thought, zombies shouldn't do their work. It feels unnatural.

"Don't be shy," said Oscar guessing her thoughts, "you can ask me as many questions as you like. I'm here for you."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare."

"It's quite all right." He smiled his warm smile again, making her heart beat faster.

"Why do I feel my heart beating if I'm dead?" she asked.

He raised his eyebrows but kept walking.

"It's a mental trick to make the transition less traumatic. After reaching the other side you'll be free from all bodily sensations."

"You know this by experience?"

He cleared his throat, "Not really, no."

Although she felt embarrassed, she believed all this was a dream. If it was the real thing though... She didn't really believe in it and she was too curious to hold herself.

"Might I ask how come you're an angel? I mean, you're supposed to be cursed right?" Realizing how offensive what she said could be, she amended, "Err, no offense."

"Non taken. I am what you said. That's why I don't get to cross over."

He silenced, gazing ahead at the beam of light. Helen kept walking quietly; she noticed that even his dead eyes conveyed sadness, and something else she couldn't identify.

"I'm a great exception," he continued, "I was tainted against my will. Since I was to become an angel of death anyway, they offered me this position here in between, as means of redemption."

"I see. Is this a hard job, being a death angel?"

"Not for me. Since I am unable to reach the other realms, I get the easier cases." He grinned.

"Do you know how long this redemption of yours will take?"

He shrugged.

"It must feel like the eternity."

"There is no today, no tomorrow, no expectations here, so time is free to leave us alone."

"I'm not sure I understand."

"You don't have to," said Oscar. "Where you're going to it's all meaningless."

"All of it?" she asked, fighting the knot on her throat.

"No, not your life. Just the illusions."

She opened her mouth to speak when he motioned ahead, "We're here."

Helen was surrounded by the brightest light she had ever seen. It didn't hurt her eyes though, it felt warm and comforting. She felt lightheaded and looked back to see Oscar waving and wearing a broad smile.

"Wait, I'm not--"

She didn't know how, but she understood his unsaid words, "Yes you are."


Note: I found this amazing illustration on photobucket. On the same search this odd one came up. Uh? Just a curiosity, heh.


  1. Hey guys, I'm sorry if I disappointed you. It seems I'm not in a good phase to write scary things...

    I'll keep the scary zombie angels in mind though. I'm letting the spark of an idea grow in the back of my mind. Not ready to let go of this challenge yet! heh ;)

  2. I like the zombie angel idea. It's new and fresh. Keep at it, babe!

  3. I'm glad it wasn't a scary story. Rather it's a lovely -- and tender -- story!

    I really like the zombie angel here.

    As well as the last sentence!

    Very well done, Mari-girl. :)

  4. --Susan: Thank you dear. When you're nice, you're *really* nice. :)

    --Marisa: Thank you Mari-girl! I'm starting to think I don't have what it takes to write horror. I turn everything into cute and tender stuff... (so people say, heh)

  5. Missed this last time, possibly because of the Sunday posting. Glad I checked up on ya!

    If you're not in a good phase to write scary things, then write something else. This certainly isn't scary. It's the prototypical trip to Heaven with didactic dialogue. If you love the zombie angel idea, then good. Chase it and do whatever you like, scary or unscary.

  6. Really nice! I was afraid it wasn't possible for someone to come up with a good story about zombie angels, but it was really good. I liked how peaceful it was. =]

  7. --John: Thanks for being so attentive, and for the support. :)

    I agree with you that we should write what our spirit -- or muse -- demands to. I will, however, take the muse by the ear and write something scary soon, *and* with zombie angels in it! There's no turning back now, heh.

    --Kiyoshi: Ohhh, thanks so much, Kita, for stopping by and taking time to comment! I'm glad you liked the story my dear. I miss you. <3

  8. I loved this. Instead of a slice of life, it was a slice of death! :) Nice work!

  9. Oh yeah...Mari-girl's got zombies on the brain. :)

    I liked this! Zombies don't have to be scary. Most of the horror that I write is humorous. Go for what you feel instead of trying to pidgeonhole yourself.

    G.P.'s comment about a slice of death is fab!

  10. This was really sweet, and you snuck that zombie in nicely. It kind of makes sense when you think about it. If you want to bring Oscar back in another story, I wouldn't stop you! He seems so nice; I kind of want to know what happened to him.

  11. Kinda nice to read a good transition to death. A zombie for an angel? Why not? ;) Good work.

  12. I must have missed your story last weekend as well...all the stuff about what happens after death was really thought provoking. I liked it!

  13. Don't be sorry - I liked this story, a lot. Shhh... don't tell anyone -- I'm really not big on horror. What you crafted here is lovely, unique. Peace...

  14. Nicely done. I agree with Valerie, I like Oscar and want to know more about him.

  15. --G.P.: Thanks!

    I agree with Laura, your comment re: slice of death is fabulous! :)

    --Laura: Once again, *face palm*, heh.

    I can't deny I'm hooked on zombies, although mine are usually sweet misplaced souls. ;) I do hope my zombie dragon is scary enough though. You'll be able to judge that next week. *And* there's the incoming #ZombieLuv Flash Fic Contest, which was born on the moment I died.

    As for writing real horror, on the moment I discovered I could actually expand my writing to more than fantasy, I decided to experiment as much as possible. I still didn't give up on real horror. *stomps feet* But if I try and the result comes out weak, I'll admit having a limit on the horror thing. I count on your honest opinion to measure that. :)

    --Valerie: Thank you! It was a challenge indeed mixing angels with zombies. Thank you for the fun Aidan! ;D

    Oscar is a really sweet guy. His misfortune was meeting the wrong sort of "person" in a crucial moment of his life.

    --Carrie: Thanks!

    I like the idea that not every transition is problematic. I hope mine will be as peaceful as Helen's, and I wouldn't mind at all having a zombie angel as Oscar helping out, heh.

  16. --Alan: Thank you for catching up!

    I'm glad you noticed my viewpoint subtly inserted in the story and that it gave you something to chew on. (not arms, fingers or brains this time, heh)

    Well, I hope it was subtle anyway! ;P

    --Linda: Not a horror fan? Wow, thank you for being brave and reading this story!

    I'm not sure if you came through the #FridayFlash collector or if you knew in advance that this was a zombie angel challenge, but I do appreciate your visit and nice comment. :)

    --Aidan: Thanks for proposing the challenge, it was much fun! :D

    Since you and Valerie liked Oscar so much, I might consider writing something else about him. Let's see if inspiration hits. *grinz*

  17. I like the zombie angel... He (it?) was sort of sweet. Well written.

  18. --ganymeder: Thank you!

    I think Oscar deserves a "he", don't you agree? ;)

  19. Zombie angels! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing this, Mari. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  20. --Talli: Thank you!

    My weekend is great, especially because the Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest is finally up. Yaaay! :D

  21. Zombie angels? Love it! So rarely do you see Zombies in a helpful position. Almost feel bad for him being unable to cross and yet disinclined to live the traditional zombie life (or death as it may be :)

  22. --Lauren: Indeed! I like giving a different take on traditional creatures. :) Glad you liked my vision, even if you didn't sympathize that much with Oscar.

    You didn't know that, but you're kind of right. ;)

  23. Oh, I *like* this! I do hope you write more of this story, your initial piece serves as a great introduction to zombie angels. :)

  24. --Sam: Thanks! I like Oscar too. I think my subconscious is working with him. Let's see if I can bring him up again. :)


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