Friday, January 15, 2010

The Intruder Has Settled In

So, I've got some lovely comments on the cushion-dog story (not here, but on the site I originally posted it) - thanks everyone!

However, some people were really surprised by Moira's strong wording when talking about the intruder, who I had mentioned being my mother's adorable dog, Iris, and whose picture you can see at the end of this post.

Indeed, at first Moira was hard on the newcomer; but soon they settled to a peaceful sociability.

But you see, now... Well, here's how they're doing together:

Moira will never admit (heh), but she does love Iris. Don't they look gorgeous together? :-)


  1. They look quite comfortable together. And I admire how their colors complement each other!

    They are beauties... :)

  2. When they are taht synchrnised you need to worry. They are quite clearly colluding - you just have to work out at what before it's too late!
    Wonderful pic!

  3. Thanks everyone. The dogs' tales waggle hi, heh.

    Also thanks Michelle, for stopping by. Very nice of you. :)

    Hey Dan! Yeah, they always collude to get more treats... And you know what, it works! Every time! lol I'm a sucker for intelligent (and extremely cute) dogs, heh.

  4. Thanks for the (adorable) update.

  5. Thanks Darrelyn, for your kind comment and interest on mine and doggies' well being.

    You're a nice and interesting chatter, and I'm glad to have you here visiting. :D

  6. They are absolute sweeties! Gorgeous dogs. And obviously very happy.

  7. Yup Phyl, you should see them now, warm and cozy, heh. Much like your cats, I imagine? :)


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