Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#ZombieLuv News!

Aye, aye! We have news, zombie lover folks!

We've got almost 40 entries on the Zombie Luv Contest, which in our view is huge! We're totally *doing crazy dance*, heh.

There's some great stuff there, which makes it all the more difficult to judge and choose a single winner, even if there'll be at least one honorable mention.

We need more time to decide, so we'll make the winner's big announcement on July 22th.

Please bear with us. It's just an extra week. ;)

Also, we feel that the poll was too large in options and too short in voting time. We'd like to give you more time to read and choose your favorites, this way you can also help us out with our dilemma. (the honorable mention one ;)

That's why we're extending the poll up until July 20th, midnight EST.

Another reason for this extra time is that the blogger widget wasn't working well for everyone, the lazy bastard! heh

The solution I came up with is transferring the poll to the comments. I'll consider all votes accepted by the widged so far, and I'll compile the votes you leave on the comments in a spreadsheet.

The poll's result will be announced on the same day as the contest's winner.

Here are the guidelines for voting:
  • You may vote for as many entries as you like. Just name them on the comments.
  • Anonymous votes will be disregarded.
  • Contestants may vote for themselves, but they must vote for at least one other entry as well.
  • If the widget has decided to work for you, please be a good sport and refrain from voting again. I have no way of controlling this.
You'll find the complete list of entries at the bottom. Have a great reading time! :D


Now, since you'll have an entire extra week to read all these fantastic stories, you can also take a peek at the my interview at The Penny Dreadful twitter chat -- Tuesdays, at 4pm EST -- where I talked about how the contest came to be and other things.

I had much fun and I hope you'll have some reading it too. :)

Psst, don't miss the chance to explore the TPD's website. Awesome stuff in there!

Finally, I'd like to show you the funny poem Tony Noland wrote on a single tweet.

I loved it and felt most honored, Tony. Thanks! :D
#zombieluv contest is done
be weeks 'til we find out who won
but lose or win
it all made me grin
Thanks, Mari, this contest was fun!
It seems you have some foreseeing ability, as originally it should take only a week to know who won, heh.


List of entries by order of submission:

-- Forever, by Angie Capozello

-- At the End, by AJ Brown

-- Island Nights, by Laura Eno

-- Love After Death, by Joanie Rich

-- Romeo and Juliet are Dead, by Tony Noland

-- Heartless, by Monica Marier

-- And Then There Were None, by Emma Newman

-- Three Steps, by Tomara Armstrong

-- Scent of a Zombie, by KeMari

-- Dead Flames, by Angel Zapata

-- Lloranda, by David A. Hernandez

-- Advantages, by Rebecca Thompson

-- Burning Zombie, by Erin Cole

-- Yes, by Casper Wood

-- Light, After All, by Mark Antony Crittenden

-- Cooties, by Donald Conrad

-- Rose, by Delia

-- Undead Love, by David G. Shrock

-- Chained Love, by Eric J. Krause

-- A Small Misunderstanding, by Gracie Motley

-- Benching a Wolf, by Cathy Olliffe

-- Tainted Love, by Melissa L. Webb

-- For the Love of Mike!, by Sam Adamson

-- Something Not Hunger, by Matt Merritt

-- The Tell-tale Beat, by Nishida C.

-- Til Death Do Us Part, by Stefanie Howerton

-- All-consuming Passion, by Barti Ddu

-- The Balad of Nate and Carla, by David D. Sharp

-- Leaving Gary, by Jason Beymer

-- Marrying the Dead, by Lexx Clarke

-- Charcoal Muse, by h.lee

-- Dead, Long Dead, by Tim King

-- The Forgotten Thing, by C. Dominique Gibson


  1. I vote for Tainted Love

  2. I vote for Tainted Love by Melissa L Webb. Awesome Zombie Love story!

  3. Tainted Love by Melissa L. Webb!!!

  4. votes for: Rose by Delia, For the Love of Mike by Sam Adamson, and the Tell Tale Beat by Nishida C :)

  5. My zombie ballot: Love After Death, by Joanie Rich, Dead Flames, by Angel Zapata, and Scent of a Zombie, by KeMari.
    Best of luck! And then some.

  6. Rose by Delia is my vote.

  7. I like 'Leaving Gary' the most. That'd be my vote.

  8. Till death do us part....even though I found it somewhat offensive.

  9. Miss Stefanie Howerton's piece was side-splitting. My vote.

  10. --Erin, Anne, Michael, h.lee, Erin Cole, lunarmom, crankyfrankie, Micah: Your votes have been registered. ;)

    --Anon: I appreciate you voting and giving your honest opinion. If you want your vote to be considered, please drop me a DM at @marirandomities.

    As the guidelines state, anonymous votes will be disregarded. I must know who you are in order to prevent the same person to voting several times for a given entry.

  11. I vote for "For the Love of Mike!" by Sam Adamson

  12. I vote for "Til Death Do Us Part" by Stefanie Howerton. Rick

  13. --Sharon, Richard: Votes registered. ;)

  14. My votes go to Tainted Love (Melissa Webb), Undead Unlove (David Shrock) and Dead Flames (Angel Zapata)

  15. --Benito: Votes registered. ;)

    Thanks for re-stating your votes here. It was very nice of you. :)

  16. I'm going to vote for Three Steps by Tomara Armstrong and The Ballad of Nate and Carla by David D. Sharp. Good luck, everyone!

  17. I vote for till love do us part by Stefanie Howerton

  18. --Delia, Linda: Votes registered. ;)

  19. I vote for "Chik-Chik-BLAM" by Gabriel Gadfly.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I am casting my votes for Burning Zombie (Erin Cole), Dead Flames (Angel Zapata), and Til Death Do Us Part (Stefanie Howerton)

  22. Gotta love LLorana for unrequited zombie love!

  23. Two crumbling thumbs up for Lloranda!

  24. I vote Chick-Chick-BLAM number 1! Gabriel Gadfly keep it up.

  25. I vote Chick-Chick-BLAM number 1! Gabriel Gadfly keep it up. (signed in this time)

  26. --Jacqueline, David, Jay, JD: Votes registered. ;)

    --Bill: Thanks for signing in! Vote registered. ;)

  27. My two picks are "Love is Just Another Weakness" by Mia Hayson for having just the right touch of humor and olfactory stimulation.
    and "Romeo and Juliet are Dead" by Tony Noland, which was profoundly cool and haunting.

  28. --MC: Votes registered. ;)

  29. I really enjoyed tainted love by Melissa L Webb & A Small Misunderstanding by Gracie Motley

  30. --ajk: Votes registered. ;)

  31. I vote for The Ballad of Nate and Carla. It's so sweet & sentimental. :)

  32. --vandamir: Vote registered. ;)

  33. I vote for:

    A small misunderstanding by Gracie Motley

    For the love of Mike by Sam Adamson

    She voted. Then she hurled.
    [but in a ladylike way of course]

  34. I vote for Tainted Love by Melissa Webb

  35. --Karen, Heather: Votes registered. ;)

  36. --Karen: Thank you for taking the time to read so many zombie stories (which I know you abhor) and even having the trouble of voting. I really appreciate it! (we all do :)


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