Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Cool Things #8 - Bookish Bookmarks

I found this awesome bookmarks with calendars on a nearby paper shop and I couldn't resist sharing them with you.

Hey Anne, talk about head monkeys, eh? ;P

Now, I know those are from past months, so I'm sharing also this one, of October. If you like, you can download and print it. ;)

The other bookmark-calendars are not bookish but some are really nice, including the ones of the incoming months.

If you're curious drop me your email on the comments that I'll send you the whole pack. :)


  1. Those are absolutely fabulous, Mari-girl! How lucky that you have a paper shop near you. :)

  2. --Marisa: Thank you Mari-girl! My sister pointed me to them. ;)

  3. Those are cool looking! Too bad I don't use bookmarks (Kindle reader). :)

  4. Howdy howdy! Just popping by on the blog-hop and wanted to say hello. These bookmarks are super cute. Thanks for sharing and participating on the hop!

    Scribbler to Scribe

  5. --Laura: No Kindle for me, heh. Although I'm curious about it, there's nothing like a good paper book on my hands. :P

    --Mesmerix: Hi there, thanks for the visit! I'll be hopping at your place later today. ;D

    --Jemi: Glad you liked them too! :)

  6. I love these bookmarks. And despite having a Kindle, I still buy leather-bound books for the smell of them and hardbacks for the beauty of the dust jackets.

    Have a great weekend, Roland

  7. --Roland: Ahhh, the smell of leather... Cannot agree more, mixing technology with tradition is the beast approach. :)

    A fantastic weekend for you!

  8. Those look great Mari! I’m quiet obsessed with bookmarks, I collect them :) I must have over 100 by now but I can’t stop wanting more hehe

    Have a great weekend!

  9. --Lua: Glad you liked! Would you like me to email you all images then?

  10. Ha! Those are great! I do love the mind-monkey one!

  11. --Anne: I thought of you and your post at once, heh. Glad you liked it too. :)


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