Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Air Has Color

It's salmon.
It is no mist, no veil, no illusion.

The sun gave me a twilight gift.
It is meant for all of us.
It is on the trees, on
people's skin, on the air.

I breathe in the gift
and smile without smiling.

Note: The picture was taken by yours truly in the vicinities. I suggest you click on it to enlarge if you want to have a better grasp of what I felt when receiving this wonderful gift. :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Mari-girl! Your poetic as well as pictorial explanation of the gift

  2. --Marisa: Thank you Mari-girl! I only call this stuff "poetry" because it's the conventional word to designate my poor attempts. Neither this nor anything else I've written deserve the full meaning of the term. You're most generous in your comments. :)

  3. Nice poem there. Pretty cool, the play of sun and clouds. Reminds me of the color called Lyric.

  4. How lovely, Mari dear. This just the shot of beauty I needed today, thank you. That light/color seems to come from everywhere at once, a gift indeed. :)

  5. Lovely photos and poem! Makes me wish I was outside today. :)

  6. --Donald: Thanks! When you say "the color called Lyric" you're talking literally about a shade I don't know, or is it an artwork with this name?

    --Gracie: It's precisely how I felt! You know when you're under water and all colors change? It was like this, but with shades of rose!

    --Joanie: Thanks! I hope you'll manage to take a few moments to enjoy yourself outdoors. (and breathe ;)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! You've certainly got an eye for photos - those are beautiful :)

  8. i love the beginning of "salmon". not something i would usually associate with "air" but then it made me think of gills and breathing....

    and i really love smile without captures the essence and importance of air very nicely.


  9. --a.q.s.: I'm so glad that blogger let you comment this time Annie!

    Thanks for your kind words. Let's breathe the gift on! :)

  10. The picture & the beautiful poem… they complete each other perfectly Mari, I loved it!:)

  11. Love the opening line, I always like an obscurity in poetry that makes alot of sense in context :)

    And I'm your best pal #6, yay!

  12. --Nathan: Thanks! It means a lot to me that you liked this piece.

    Yes! You're on of my best pals! *high five* (love this widget, heh :)

  13. You have tonnes of widgets! Where do ya get them? When I used the sidebar widget search most were a tad... iffy... dodgy... eugh *hi-five*

  14. --Nathan: Well, the great majority I took from the standard options on blogger and adapted to my needs, such as the picture ones, which lead you to a given post or external link.

    The Networked Blogs one I got on Facebook, and the #zombieluv I got on, which is the main API I use to chat on twitter.

    Some of the coolest ones I found on this website:

    It's all free and if you got questions or requests the host replies to you in no time. Excellent!

    Note to self: finish the post on blogging and sharing cool widget source. *snorts to self for lack of engagement on this one*


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