Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zombie Luv Contest Closed for Submissions + Poll

Edited to add: Except for the list of entries and the gratefulness for the people quoted here (check them out!) the dates and voting system have changed. For more information click here.

That's it folks! The winner will be announced on July 15th, so stay tunned! ;)

We had 37 entries to the contest, so I think I can call it a success? heh

Thank you everyone for your awesome entries, for all the tweets and shout outs, and for your hilarious zombie-talk.

A special thanks for these people who kindly helped spreading the word about the contest in their own special way:

>> Jodi McArthur, of Fiction Author Jodi McArthur, for her awesome blog post.

>> Joanna Penn, of The Creative Penn, for a most generous tweet.

>> M. Jones, of Zombie Romance webzine, for her enthusiasm and shout out about the contest.

>> Jon M. Strother, of Mad Utopia, for sharing the news to the awesome #FridayFlash community.

>> Anne Tyler Lord, of Don't Fence Me In, for featuring the contest on her weekly writing news, the Coffee Klatch.

>> Roland D. Yeomans, of Writing in the Crosshairs, for being such a gentleman and spreading the word about the contest on his blog. Roland, I forgot your twitter name! *head on desk* Please tell me on the comments (or elsewhere) so I can add a link? :)

>> Chris Allinotte , of The Leaky Pencil, for his hilarious zombie adds.

>> Jemi Fraser, of Just Jemi, for her kindness on twitter.

>> Jason Warden, of Experimental Muse, and Shane Benavides, of I Amuse Me, for being such good sports. :)

Soo, I had much fun, but it's time to get me and Randomities back to life.

"What? You can't undo death!" you say.

Of course I can't!

However, since I know some very powerful wizards -- who you'll get to know on the zombie dragon series ;) -- I've asked them to work on a potion or spell to help out on my condition. These guys are good!

I took the potion just after midnight GMT (as per instructions) and after some weird stuff happened all my limbs are perfectly attached again and I can actually breathe! Hurra! heh

See how Randomities got its looks back? The wizards said that unzombifying Randomities was much easier than making my concotion. *grinz*

Now that I'm alive again and I can think better, it's time to get to work on judging the entries.

Hey, why don't you help me out?

I've mentioned that there'd be an honorable mention published here at Randomities, right? Tell me which is your favorite entry and influence the judges opinion on the honorable mention!

Since I really want to know your opinion, the pool will be up until July 14th, midnight EST. There are so many good stories that you can vote for more than one entry. ;)

Here's the list of entries. Happy reading! ;D

-- Forever, by Angie Capozello

-- At the End, by AJ Brown

-- Island Nights, by Laura Eno

-- Love After Death, by Joanie Rich

-- Romeo and Juliet are Dead, by Tony Noland

-- Heartless, by Monica Marier

-- And Then There Were None, by Emma Newman

-- Three Steps, by Tomara Armstrong

-- Scent of a Zombie, by KeMari

-- Dead Flames, by Angel Zapata

-- Lloranda, by David A. Hernandez

-- Advantages, by Rebecca Thompson

-- Burning Zombie, by Erin Cole

-- Yes, by Casper Wood

-- Light, After All, by Mark Antony Crittenden

-- Cooties, by Donald Conrad

-- Rose, by Delia

-- Undead Love, by David G. Shrock

-- Chained Love, by Eric J. Krause

-- A Small Misunderstanding, by Gracie Motley

-- Benching a Wolf, by Cathy Olliffe

-- Tainted Love, by Melissa L. Webb

-- For the Love of Mike!, by Sam Adamson

-- Something Not Hunger, by Matt Merritt

-- The Tell-tale Beat, by Nishida C.

-- Til Death Do Us Part, by Stefanie Howerton

-- All-consuming Passion, by Barti Ddu

-- The Balad of Nate and Carla, by David D. Sharp

-- Leaving Gary, by Jason Beymer

-- Marrying the Dead, by Lexx Clarke

-- Charcoal Muse, by h.lee

-- Dead, Long Dead, by Tim King

-- The Forgotten Thing, by C. Dominique Gibson


  1. Wow! 37 entries? I better get reading!

    So glad you're alive again, Mari-girl! Needed my partner in Prosecco appreciation. :)

    Congratulations on the success of your contest!

  2. --Marisa: Thank you Mari-girl! It's great to be back alive and Randomities says it's great to have its natural color back. We were both a bit tired of grey, you know? heh

    *pops prosecco and pours to Mari-girl*

    Anyone else? :D

  3. Thank you for the mention of my blog! I need to get around to reading all the stories I haven't read so I can vote for my favorite. A very fun contest.

  4. 37 entries? Sounds like an anthology to me! Put your editor's hat on, Mari-girl and compile all that HTML for a Smashwords/Kindle bestseller. I have it on good authority that zombies are the next vampires. And these have romance, too. It can't lose!

  5. --Shane: My pleasure! Please do vote, your opinion is very important!

    Seriously, lol, it sounds like you're on hold and will never get to complain about something, but it's the truth. :)

    --Tony: Thanks for the suggestion, but I wouldn't know how to deal with the royalties issue...

  6. Wow! 37 entries is HUGE! Good for you :)

    I had one written - but as you know I don't deal in this genre - and it was really bad! I just couldn't post it :)

  7. Great turnout! I'm enjoying the variety of stories. Everyone had fun with this.

  8. That is a crazy turnout! I am so glad I got to participate, and it's been wonderful fun reading everyone's entries.

    Thanks so much for putting this together.

  9. This has been a ton of fun, Mari, thanks for putting it together. Lots of great stories. Congratulations on the fantastic turnout! :)

  10. Thanks guys! I'm really happy with the everyone's involvement in this contest. It's going to be so hard to choose a winner!

    Jemi: Thanks for giving it a try dear, even if you ended up not posting the story. :)

  11. 37?! Wow! Brilliant turnout and such a fantastic contest. Thanks so much for organising, and for talking me into submitting, I had a blast.

    So glad to hear you're alive again - handy folks to know, wizards, right? ;)

  12. --Sam: Thanks! :D

    Wizards are a helpful folk, but they're not much fun. They won't let you play with magic. *sigh*

  13. I can't wait for the results, however... this post says 15th but your top bar countdown bit says 14th?

  14. Thanks for organizing this crazy brilliant contest idea, Mari! It was quite an experience, creatively, and well, being zombie-fied for a bit was ermm, nice. ZoMbIE LangUage CooL! Good of luck to all the contestants and may the best (undead) man/woman win!

  15. --Nathan: The contest results are being announced on the 15th, so the poll goes up to the 14th midnight EST. ;)

    --Nishi: Thank *you* for playing along with the zombie thing, and wow!, having your blog debut with an entry!

    The zombie language we must credit to Monica Marier (@lil_monmon). She's the genius behind the whole thing, heh.

  16. Hmm. I'm not sure why, but the poll isn't working for me. It won't count my votes. Or, maybe it will, but it's not showing me my votes, so I have no way of knowing. :( Oh well, Good Luck to everybody! It was terrific reading.

  17. You're alive! And looking fresh as ever. Who knew death would rejuvenate one's skin so? Thanks for the mention, Mary. My internet is up tonight, so I'll take a peak at a few and probably hit the library if it goes down again tomorrow.

  18. --Delia: I thought the widget wasn't working for me either, but I just tested it again adding a vote to every entry and it seems to be working fine. Did you see the vote count at the bottom? If you noticed it, the number should increase by one, no matter how many entries you vote for.

    I don't think this widget shows you your single vote, but the general results so far, so it must be ok. ;)

    Thanks for voting!

    --Jodi: I am! My wizard friends are very powerful, ehh.

    Glad that your internet is back. I hope it stays still from now on. :)

  19. Hmm, I'm thinking here. Has anyone else had the same problem/doubt as Dalia?

    If so, please let me know. I'll have to contact blogger to see if there's any technical problem with the widget.

  20. mOnMoN LoVe ZomBieLuvFesT (AnD bRaInz.)

    I had a super time participating in this contest!! Thanks for such a fun idea! 37 smash entries are amazing! And remember that YOU inspired them all! I'll bet there's a few people in our circle who could help you compile an anthology if you wanted to (not me though.I'm clueless). I'd buy one.

  21. All my friends seem to be having the same problem with the pole. It dosen't seem to be counting the votes for me.

  22. --Monica: HeRE. HavE BRainZ N FinGeRZ. ;)

    Thanks dear, and also for the suggestion. Tony had also mentioned it, but I'm clueless to the dynamics and royalties impacts on making an anthology...

    --Melissa: Thanks for the feedback. I see you have only one vote, which was my test to see if the widget was working. It seems it's sentimental, or prejudiced, and won't accept everyone's vote. I wonder what's its criterion, if any, heh.

    As soon as I find a solution I'll get back to you, ok? Sorry for the trouble.

  23. Thanks so much.

  24. Shout out to everyone!

    The poll has moved to this post, where you can see the voting guidelines and the list of entries at the end. ;)


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