Monday, July 26, 2010

#ZombieLuv Wrap Up

I'd like to close up highlighting the best of what happened during the #ZombieLuv fever. There are some things -- and people -- that deserve an extra shout out, so here it goes.

Of the 37 awesome contest entries, the great winner was Tell-tale Bit, by Nishida C. It's not for nothing that it was an unanimous decision. Really.

This story was also the debut post of her awesome blog. I suggest you visit her and read her fantastic poetry. :)

Nishi, I'm still waiting for your email/DM with your physical addy to send the second prize (book), ok? ;P

The contest's second place, Dead Flames, by Angel Zapata, is up at Flashes in the Dark, where you can find more stories from this fantastic writer. Angel has some chilling stuff in there I wouldn't miss if I were you. ;)

Also, the honorable mention and people's choice, For the Love of Mike!, by Sam Adamson is up here at Randomities. What a fun story! We're still trying to figure out what the zombie mouse eats. If you have an input, please join the discussion on the comments or through the #zombieluv hashtag. Fun! heh

If you missed the contest, there's a link to all entries here.

If you're curious to know how the fun begun, you can take a peek into my interview on The Penny Dreadful website. There you'll also find some fantastic serials and even a cool webcomic with a charismatic zombie boy. Excellent stuff!

I do babble a bit about myself on the interview, so if you want to skip that part you can read how it all begun here, heh.

During the period in which Randomities was dead, a few posts lost some of their appeal due to Randomities' grayness. They were meant to be pretty things you know? I'd like to suggest you check them out under a new light. (literally, heh)
  • Oil Spill, Take Action -- where I compile some information on the Mexico Gulf oil spill, and point you to some inspiring initiatives to help dealing with its consequences. The wonderful illustrations that go with the post are part of it.
  • Breathe -- where you'll follow me in a peaceful and inspiring afternoon, with pretty pictures and all. Writing bliss.
  • ZombieLuv Webcomic -- although it's zombie related, I think this cool comic can be better viewed with the present (and lighter) background. I love it! heh
Finally, we've decided to compile a Zombie Luv Anthology, which will be a free ebook with the best entries from the contest, including the winner, second place and honorable mention, obviously, heh.

Now, selecting the stories, making eventual edits, asking permission to all writers and the actual ebook making will take some time, so I'll keep you posted when it comes out, ok?

Thank you everyone for your participation on the contest, either by entering, judging, commenting or reading. It was a blast! The ZombieLuv movement goes on! ;D


  1. The ebook's a fun idea! The whole zombie luv contest was great! :)

  2. --Jemi and Monica: Thanks! :D

    Monica, you know that your incentive and enthusiasm is also responsible for the anthology idea right? Thank you for that too!

  3. I think an anthology would be awesome. I would love to be considered.

  4. Are you going undead during that time again? I can send you a super-size superglue if you like...

  5. --2: Awesome! We're discussing the stories now. I'll let you know if it's the case. :)

    --Laura: I hope not! I had enough trouble the first time, as it is. I'm not sure the wizards could revert the process a second time. O_o

    Thanks for the superglue offer. If the worse happens I'll count on your help, heh.

  6. Good luck on preparing the e-book, look forward to seeing it:)

  7. --Olive: Thanks! Work is underway. I'll let you know as soon as it's done. :)


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