Thursday, June 24, 2010

Uh, oh! Randomities is Dead!

I was celebrating having received the first entry to the Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest that I missed Randomities' lack of reaction.

Did you notice the change in its color? O_O

Randomities died, and it's my fault! *sob*

My body parts keep falling on the keyboard and it contaminated the computer, and now Randomities too. Poor thing!

*nose falls, catches it and glues back at once*

Err, I hope it all goes back to normal after July 10th, the contest's deadline, but in the mean time, let me present you: *drumroll*


Zombie-Randomities is proud to showcase the entries to the #ZombieLuv Contest -- by order of submission -- on the sidebar, just below the contest's logo. Enjoy the reading! :)

And there's more! Every week until the end of the contest the cool # series will be zombified as well. Keep your living eyes open that new zombie funninesses are coming your way!

But hey, keep these yummy eyes away from me. Too yummy. *licks lips* Just saying, heh. :P

Psst, click on the link for the guidelines .

Edited to add: Click here to find out how Randomities got unzombified. ;)


  1. Sorry about your keyboard...

    Even sorrier that my MC is named Mari - ack! I couldn't help myself...

  2. --Laura: Nah, I'm honored. :)

    About the keyboard thing, I clean it every time the limb falling happens, so I guess it's ok. Except for Randomities... O_o

  3. I'm looking forward to this :) I haven't slowed down enough to think yet, but I'm hoping to - another week of work and I'm free!

  4. --Jemi: Fingers crossed for you to have the free time to write your entry dear. :)

    *fingers fall*

    Ops, these ones have been glued too many times already. I guess I'm going to go for stitches this time, heh.

  5. Here's my entry :D

    This is loads of fun by the by

    Yes! A story by Casper Wood


  6. --Casper (buildauniverse): Hey, thanks for submitting to the contest! Might I ask you to re-post your entry on its original post?

    That's kind of the proper place to do it, heh. ;)


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