Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Cool Things #6 - I Like Turtles

Yeah, the zombiness contaminated even the cool # series.

Keeping up with the Zombie Luv Contest, we've got 15 entries you can read by clicking on the links on the side bar. :) There's only one more week to go, so gather your words and kill them!

Obviously you'll want to relive them by any means you can, so they'll become properly zombified, heh.

Now, if you're still with me, watch something amusing. I've wondered if this kid is the real thing... O_o


  1. That's great makeup on the boy! Wow :) School's almost out so I'll see what I can put together! :) Cross your fingers... can zombies cross their fingers or do they fall off??? Maybe I'll work that in!

  2. --Jemi: Yup, sometimes they fall off, that's why most of mine are stiff because of the super glue I've been over using. That's why I'm changing to stitches. I don't like much the marks, but at least I get my movement back, heh. ;)

    Awesome that you're giving it a try! :D

  3. That is a great job with the makeup on the boy! Or, maybe it wasn't makeup! *looks around nervously*

  4. Saw this a while back and it still gets me everytime, it's hilarious!

  5. --Marisa: Hey Mari-girl, great to have you back! You've been missed. :)

    Look, it could be just make up, but since even Randomities got contaminated, I'm not sure either. I got your back though.


    Hmm. *licks lips* Maybe I should step back. Your relaxed shoulders look too yummy, heh.

    --Olive: Yeah, I've been dying to share it. heh

    Oh, wait, I'm dead already. *dork*

  6. Ha,that kid is great fun! I assume he likes his turtles fried...

    Looks like your #zombieluv contest is going great!

  7. Hey Mari - I think commented on the wrong spot to enter this, but I will try again. I've tossed a zombie luv story into your zombie luv ring. It's called Benching A Wolf. And it's here:
    Thanks for this, by the way, it seems like plenty of fun!
    And the turtle boy was tres scarey.

  8. --Jemi: The contest is running wild! I'm having much fun, heh. :D

    --Cathy: You've posted your entry at the right place as well, so we're cool with that. ;)

    Thanks for entering the contest!


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