Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's Xmas time!

I love this season and the Christmas spirit that instigate so many people to donate to charity, to help one another, or to hug a loved one.

And there's the decoration. So many wonderful things are made! I particularly like garlands (won't say "wreaths"; too harsh sounding, blah, heh), and for the first time I got to make one. Yup, me, I'm the one who made that thing up there, believe it?

Guess what? That's my Xmas gift for you! And please do feel hugged. :-)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Happy Holidays to you too! Jen aka ravenpearlink

  2. Thank you for wonderful gift! I'm proud of you. From a #litchat friend, Charlene. xo

  3. Great garland/wreath, whatever you want to call it. You did a really superb job!

    Merry Christmas! Hope it's a great time for you.

    Phyl (Facebook) / kashicat (Twitter)

  4. Thanks so much guys! I'm glad you liked the gift and wish you all wonderful holidays with family, kitties, doggies and whoever will be fortunate enough to have your company.

    Oh, I love my twitter friends! heh :-)

  5. Thanks, Mari. You did a lovely job; and I happen to be a big fan of garlands. I love seeing strips of them wrapped around white picket fences and gracing front doors especially with red bows for accent! It looks so festive!

    Merry Christmas to you too,

  6. Thanks so much Dawn! I'm glad another "garland-lover" liked my first attempt. Watch me for next year, heh. ;)

    A Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones too, filled with love, health and prosperity (not forgetting much inspiration!). :)

  7. Oii,
    Bela guirlanda. Esta ficando profissional hein...

    bejus e Feliz Ano Novo
    Happy New Year


  8. Valeu! Espera só pra ver a do ano que vem, hehe. ;)

    Bjão, e feliz 2010 pra você, Carol e família! :D


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