Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beware, I'm Drooling a Bit

This is a quick post to show you this gorgeous illustration that I came across when browsing the web.

So, if you liked the one illustration I shared here, go visit the Artsy, Craftsy website. They do wonderful things inspired by Fairy Tales and Myths.

Did I ever mention that I love fairy tales and mythology in general? No? But I do, and I also love the fairies themselves, goblins, elves, werewolves, talking birds and all those fantastic things, which I find truly fantastic. (Sorry for the pun; it was intended, heh.)

Pay them a visit and afterwards come back to tell me what you thought, ok? :-)


  1. Absolutely beautiful imagery! I love The Chronicles of Narnia, with the talking beasts and magical trees. Love to watch the movies too.

    Thanks for the post, Mari.
    Dawn Herring

  2. Ohh, I'm so glad you liked the illustrations! I'm fascinated by all these fantastical things; no wonder my preferred genre is fantasy, heh.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion. :-)

  3. Those are really beautiful! Thanks so much for the link!

    Did I already know about your interest in fantastical things? :-)

    I'm a myth person myself, probably somewhat more than folk/fairy tales. Though it depends on the tale, too. But I tend to love the stories of mythology, like the Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, Greek, and Sumerian. With tidbits of others thrown in. Wonderful!

  4. Hey Mari, I do LOVE those photos of mythical creatures. Gorgeous - thanks for showing us that - Kristi

    PS:(and thanks for visiting my blog. you're always such a welcome visitor!!)

  5. Wow, those were pretty. I loved the ones by Edmund Dulac.

    Thanks for stopping by today.
    Happy New Year.

  6. Hey Phyl! I don't know... Maybe as much as I'm not too sure if you're into animes as I am? heh ;-P

    Glad you all liked this stuff Phyl, Kristi and Carolyn. I plan on sharing more pretty things here. Keep an eye on me, heh.

    Happy 2010 to you too Carolyn! And to us all! :-D

  7. Just an update, here you can find beautiful illustrations by Arthur Rackham to Alice in Wonderland .

    Thanks Phyl, for pointing me to this page! :-D

  8. It is a Baskt? I think I have a book of his work somewhere.

  9. Hi! Actually this illustration is by Kay Nielsen, and it's called "East of the Sun, West of the Moon".

    I love all illustrations you'll find on that link. :)

    Who is Baskt? Should I be blushing because of my ignorance? lol


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