Monday, December 7, 2009

What's this all about?

Right. I think it'd be nice if I presented myself before anything.

But, really, I'm not going to shove you that boring bla bla bla on my background, or tell my whole life story. (you see, I'm not much into memoirs...) So, if you want to know more about me, you can have a good picture by taking a peek at what I say, and which groups I'm in; that is, by checking out my Twitter and Facebook pages. Or if you don't care about social network sites, just stick around and we'll get to know each other in time. ;-)

Now, I had set up another blog at Posterous (which is a quite friendly platform actually) but it seems that my huge abilities with HTML were insufficient to make a nice and good looking thing. That's basically why I created this other one, and of course I'm maintaining both (at least for a while) because of a pair of reasons that don't matter much now. Well, not unless you have a blog too. (Which got me an idea of a post on blogging that might show up in the future.)

Anyway, I figure many people have no idea of what this HTML thing works, so if you're curious there's this cool beginner's guide that can be very useful.

I guess that's it... Wait, you might want to know that the next two posts were already put on line on the Posterous blog, and also that this blog is really, really random. Much like my brain. Go figure, heh. But I hope this is interesting either way, and you can always rant about my "randomities"in the comments if you like.

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