Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can I Hate a Color?

See that little fella up there? Well, I have a huge problem with it.

Every time I want to click on its blue twin brother I'm unconsciously drawn to the orange drag.

More than once I've scared my dear readers, amused or plainly irritated them. You see, I'm as tired as you of all this.

So, now my new motto is this:

"I hate orange and I love blue. Death to orange!"

Yeah, bluuueeeee! heh

Ok, now back to my normal self. (Not so normal though. Just saying, heh.)

Sorry for the mess, folks. I'll watch my stupid little finger more closely from now on. Please feel free to kick me in the butt if I do this again. Ugh!

Ok, now back to explaining things and organizing contests.


  1. --Susan: I keep clicking on the publish button before the right time. So, when people try to read my post it's not online, because I'd obviously taken it off as quickly as it went on.

    The zombiness comes soon, if that's what you were looking for, heh. ;P

  2. Obviously the orange button likes you even if your feelings are not completely mutual!

    p.s. do you write things other than zombies? Just curious!

  3. Been there, done that! It can be sooooo frustrating! :)

  4. --Lena: It loves me, I hate it. Hates it precioussss, hatess it. heh

    Yeah, my main ting is fantasy, as you'll notice on the next #FridayFlash. ;)

    Here at Randomities you can find other genres too, like general fiction, sci-fi, and uncategorized stuff, heh. There's a label for all stories I've posted so far, where you'll find everything. :)

    --Jemi: Good to know I'm not alone! Frustrating is the kind word I'd use as substitute for the one that actually came up in my mind when I wrote the post, heh. ;P

    Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Oh yeah, it is so easy to do! I say, death to orange too, so bossy and bright!

    Just putting those graphics in the post makes me want to click on them.

  6. --Anne: Yeah! Damn bossy! Oh, should I take the graphics off then? I don't want to spread the problem around. O_o

  7. I'm feeling a little sorry for "orange"!

  8. --Olive: I'm sorry I was so ruthless with the poor orange, but it did work! I'm much more careful when drafting a post now. Let's see if it'll will last, heh. ;P

  9. Orange you glad it isn't blue?

    Had to...

  10. --John: Heh, I'm starting to hate the grey too. Maybe I should get back to my balanced self now and like all colors as I used too. ;P

  11. Orange is a difficult color for me too. And I really dislike when I hit the "publish" button before I have anything to publish! :)

  12. --Marisa: Yup Mari-girl, it happened again *twice* this week. Eeek!


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