Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother Nature Calls - The Volcano Speaks

Oh, no. This is not one of those "I told you so" posts in which I'd tell you how disrespectful mankind have been to our home planet.

I just thought you'd like to see the beauty in all this.

Although a volcano eruption is terrifying,

if we allow ourselves to see, there's art everywhere. :)

Check out this link if you'd like to see even more astounding pictures of the Fimmvörðuháls volcano, in Iceland, that have been bothering our mighty financial and touristic necessities.

Note: The pictures, originally published somewhere in this website, and the fantastic link were sent to me by a twitter friend @baianissima48. Thanks Chris! :)

Edited to add: The Fimmvörðuháls was actually the first volcano to show activity this year, in early February. The pictures above and the ash clouds that covered North Europe air space are from his neighbor, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

Edited to add (again!): Another friend of mine showed me this link to the most incredible pictures I've ever seen! There are lightnings, horses, brave people, and more beauty than I can describe. Don't miss it!


  1. Wow. Powerful, amazing. No wonder people thought they had called down the wrath of the gods.

  2. Nossa Mãe-Natureza, mais uma vez pedindo Clemência! É impressionate Como Uma Catástrofe PoDE nsa dar de PRESENTE Imagens Maravilhosas. Sou @ baianissima48 e essas Foram tiradas Fotografías Pelo correspondente da Rede Globo @ flaviofachel viajou Especialmente Que Fazer Para a Matéria da cobertura. Fica UM Aqui Pedido de socorro ... de Ajuda AO Nosso Planeta Terra !!!!!!!

  3. There can sometimes be great beauty in something terrible and deadly. When I was too young to know better, I broke away from my kindergarten Detroit Zoo tour and managed to crawl into the tiger enclosure.

    I was drawn by their awesome beauty and grace in motion. Luckily, my mother, though with the other half of the group, noticed I was missing. She knew immediately where I had gone. She knew how much I loved tigers. She rescued me with these words "Don't make go there and hurt those tigers."

    And such was my awe of my mother, I believed she could take on tigers ... and win.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome beauty with us. Have a safe and beautiful week, Roland

  4. Wow those are amazing pictures! And thank you for sharing them- the news and the media can easily make us forget that there is a beauty in all of this that should not be overlooked...

  5. A terrible beauty, Mariana. Thanks for sharing this. Awesome!

  6. Ah, Nature's art is powerful, beautiful, and terrifying!

    Thanks, Mari-girl for showing this to us. :)

  7. --Merrilee: Yes, comparing this to thunders, which were also associated to bad humored gods, the thunders are... well, not that much, heh.

    --Anon (@baianissima48): De fato querida, a mãe natureza está se movimentando. Mas eu li que este vulcão entra em atividade mais ou menos a cada 70-80 anos. Talvez neste caso específico não tenha nada de anormal?

    Obrigada pelas fotos Chris! São maravilhosas. :)

    --Britini: Glad you liked, and thanks for the visit!

    I try to share all kinds of stunningly beautiful things here. If you like, there's a label called pretty things to help out. ;)

    Also, suggestions are most welcomed! I'd love to have you and other visitors participating of Randomities. Would be so cool!

    --Roland: Wow, incredible how the child's mind works, eh? It's understandable that you concluded that your mother could take down a tiger if needed be. It must have been weird the moment you realized that this conclusion wasn't very precise, heh.

    Thanks for visiting, the follow(!), and for sharing your childhood tale. Tigers are another good example of terrifying and beautiful things. :)

    Have a wonderful week too Roland!

    --Lua: Thanks for coming back! :D

    You got exactly my point Lua. There's beauty everywhere, all we have to do is see it. ;)

  8. --Donna: You're most welcome!

    A terrible beauty - i like that! You made me feel all poetical Donna, heh. :)

    --Mari-girl (Marisa): Yes, nature's art is a great way of putting it. Thank you for that! :D

  9. Awe inspiring and beautiful! Thanks for sharing these.

  10. Those pictures are beautiful, despite the chaos they brought to European skies!

  11. You're right. Awe-inspiring. I wish I could see it in person, but with my asthma, that's probably not wise. Still...

  12. --Laura: You're most welcome! :)

    --Olive: I like to find beauty in unusual places. Well, this is not so unusual, but people tend to see only the disaster and the troubles caused by the ash cloud etc. I wanted to show a different perspective. ;)

    --Susan: I share your wish to see it in person, even with all danger involved. See, wisdom has little to do with adventure, heh. ;P

  13. This site is blessed and the pictures are just a reflection of its richness and value. The pictures are fine and revealing.

  14. --Efemena: Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment. Please feel most welcome to come back and share your thoughts. :)

  15. Such amazing photos of something so terrifying.
    It's true, there's beauty in everything (even when we can't see it at times).

  16. --Estrella: Indeed they are! Did you notice that I've added another link with even more stunning photos? I'm glad you enjoyed both their beauty and the message! :)

  17. Stunning! We drove through a volcano park in Lanzarote recently and it was as gorgeous as anything I've ever seen.

  18. --Kristi (howdidyougetthere): Ohh, I googled Lanzarote and it's an astounding place! You're so lucky to have been there. I'm sure you had lots of fun. ;D

    If anyone else got curious, here's a link to a panoramic photo of the Timanfaya National Park. Below the photo you'll find another link to more panoramics. The website is rich in information on this Canarian Island.

  19. Saw it yesterday from the air. These pictures are much more picturesque; but there is something said to seeing with one's own eyes. Makes the second time I've flown past an erupting volcano. The first time was flying into Alaska. We were there to hike and chose to hike from the airport to the hostel. With first-hand experience I can now recommend against walking in falling ash; especially painful in the eyes.

  20. --Aidan: Wow, not once but twice you saw an erupting volcano? How cool is that? lol

    Thanks for sharing this amazing experience, and for the wise advice (ash-related). I don't think many of us will have the opportunity to put it in practice, but I'll certainly keep it in mind. ;)


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