Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Cool Things #7 - Zombie Luv Webcomic

Lena S., from Fictious Flashes, pointed me to this awesome webcomic zombie love related, by Shazzbaa. Thank you Lena!

You can click on the images here at Zombie-Randomities to enlarge, or visit her webpage here.

Please notice that, if it were the case, this story would not qualify for the contest, as it's about a zombie and a human. Entries for the Zombie Luv Contest must have romance between two zombies. ;)

Now, talking about the contest, we have yet 4 days to go until the deadline (July 10th) and there are already more than 30 entries! All the judges are very excited! :D

If you stick around at Randomities next week, you'll see that while we (the judges) make a decision you'll have the opportunity to give your own opinion on the entries.

Psst! If the pool results are expressive, they may influence on who's going to get the honorable mention. ;)

Now have fun with this awesome flash comic! :)


  1. Ah, true love! Now the smell of coffee, candles, and tea is not such a bad thing. :)

    Wow. So many entries for your contest. Are you reading them as they come in or will you have a marathon read-in?!

  2. --Marisa: It's a great idea, isn't it! heh

    As for the entries, I'm doomed Mari-girl. I'm reading them as they come, but only to see if they fit the guidelines and all. I'll have to re-read them all with a critical eye next week. Doomed. O_o

  3. Wow! 30 and counting, that's great! It's caught a lot of imaginations :)

  4. --Emma: Yes, I'm so excited! :D

  5. --John: Yeah, irresistible! heh


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