Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is This Stupid? Nah!

I wasn't planning on posting anything before Tuesday, when there are deep stuff coming (watch for it! heh), but something stroke my attention; sadly in the most negative sense.

Go to the agent Janet Reid's blog, and see what you should never, ever (!) do during the submission process.

There are natural and understandable mistakes; but there are the emotional, unprofessional, and (sorry) ridiculous ones. Don't do that, ok?

Oh, I know this is obvious for many of us, but there's always someone who can profit from listening to the obvious. Aren't the simplest concepts the hardest to grasp? (Before someone else explains them to us, that is.)

In case you missed it up there, here's the post's title and link again.


  1. I love Janet's blog. She's fun, smart and so very helpful! Great link.

    Here's to not making those mistakes in 2010!!

  2. Cheers!

    She's great, but sometimes a bit scary, no? heh I follow her blog, as well as some more merciful agents and editors' blogs. ;-)


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