Friday, March 4, 2011


You know when you have a horrible nightmare and in the end things clear out and you wake up okay? I know this is rare, but it happens, and it happened to me.

I was saved from the dreadful isolation monster by no less than 46 knights in shiny armors.(!) Each one helped in their own way. 30 of my saviors joined the cause on Facebook, and 20 of them donated from $5 to $100 to this lady in distress. Almost all of them helped spreading the word, publicly or not. I cannot express how much I appreciate your concern, and your help. As a first celebrating act, I suggest a huge group hug. *HUGS* :)

In my help-please-post, I mentioned that I felt saying thank you wasn't enough. I will be thanking people for a long time now, and I would like to start with a list of people you should pay attention to. These are my knights, and they deserve to be on the spotlight.

First, I'd like to mention some people to whom I'd like to send out a special thanks. You'll understand why as you read. ;) If you don't have time to visit all my knights, please visit at least these ones.

-- Monica Marier: She's the one who was there to calm me down and put things under perspective. Without her friendship and care I might be sulking and never come back to the online writing community again. (Holy cow, without her, the trolls would have died precociously! O.o) Thank you so much, Mon.

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-- Cathy Webster: She was the first to donate, and it was a generous donation indeed. Around the third day of shouting out for help, my cause hadn't achieved not even half of its goal, and it was because of Cathy's post on her blog that could close up the cause so quickly. (We've raised $500 in six days. Not bad, eh?) I've always known Cathy was a generous and loving person (besides a great writer), but I confess didn't expect so much dedication to my cause as she showed. Thank you so much, Cathy.

--Laura Eno: She as always been there for me. On my absence, she was hooting for my stories, when I was present, she'd always visit Randomities and leave great comments, and when I was in trouble she not only donated (generously) but also spread the word about the cause all around. Thank you so much, Laura. (I'm writing this post before Jezebel eats my fingers, by the way. Johnny couldn't hold her up for Mr. Fluffy's visit and now I can barely sleep because I'm afraid she'll try to eat me up (or my dogs) at night. O.o) 

--Adriano San Luca: He wishes to remain anonymous, so I'll respect it. But I cannot let you guys remain ignorant of what a wonderful friend Adriano is. Besides being always there for me, (way before the computer's death) and having sent out the highest donation, Adriano never judges, never criticizes. You're getting a story, you know? And I think you'll guess where and when it'll be set. ;P Thank you so much, Adriano.

--Angela Perry: She not only chipped in, but she was the first to think about which would be the best purchase for me. (As many of you) She never doubted that I'd achieve my goal, and she spent a good amount of time discussing options. We barely knew each other before the crash, and now I consider her a friend. (who's recently debuted on #fridayflash. Check her stories out! :) Thank you so much, Angela.

--John Wiswell: He's put me in touch with an IT savvy friend, who's helping me up with the new CP buying. (pics will come out as soon as it arrives) He's also donated even after the cause's goal had been achieved, skipping two lunch's for that. Thank you so much, John.

Here's a second spotlight to those who have donated. (in no particular order) You'll be hearing a lot about them here at Randomities in the next few months. There will be stories featuring some of them, book reviews, guest posts etc.. :) 

Picture credits
(many thank you's here!)
Cathy Webster                      David Shrock
Icy Sedgwick                        Adriano San Luca
Laura Eno                             Anne Tyler Lord
Angela Perry                         Tomara Armstrong  
Marisa Birns                         Yvonne DeBusschere
Laurita Miller                        Anonymnous
Emma Newman                    Pamila Payne
Kevin Mackey                       John Wiswell
Gineveve Ching                     Sam Adamson

Now, please take a look at the complete list of modern knights. These people helped in all way they could: they've joined the cause, recruited people, shared on facebook, twitted about it, wrote blog posts, donated and above all, they were generous in their own way, which I appreciate beyond words. Thank you so much to all of you!  
Picture credits

Monica Marier                                      Lexx Clarke
Cathy Webster                                      Angie Capozello 
Icy Sedgwick                                         David Shrock
Nick Gandolfi                                         Adriano San Luca
Darcy Peal                                             Phyl Good
Julio Ricardo Varella                            Litchat (Carolyn Burn Bass)
Tony Noland                                          Laura Eno
Marina Miniatt                                     Anne Tyler Lord
Darrelyn Saloom                                   Angela Perry
Cathryn Louis                                       DJ Young    
Bob Skrezyna                                        Mike WhiteMagick Morris
Sherree Worrell                                    Ian Collings
Tomara Armstrong                              Marisa Birns
Yvonne DeBusschere                          Laurita Miller    
Candance Carter                                  Emma Newman
Eric Krause                                           Miker Lazlo
Maria A Kelly                                       Pamila Payne
Kevin Mackey                                       John Wiswell 
Gineveve Ching                                   Sam Adamson
Fiona Teasdale                                     Arnold Newman
Almira L Bech                                       Tamara Fox
Rachel Blackbirdsong                          Catherine Russell
Barry Maltese                                      Peter H. Fogtdal

I tried to link people up to their websites when possible, but there are also links to twitter and facebook profiles. If you would prefer me to direct our dear visitors to another we addy, please let me know. 

On a final note, I know there are people who have tweeted about the cause, and since I wasn't always mentioned on the tweet I may not have caught you. If this is the case, please don't hesitate to give me a shout! I'd love to increase my shiny knight list. :D


  1. Woot and hooray! Congratulations on meeting your goal :) Can I assume you are posting from your brand new netbook?

  2. --Cathy: *smooches* :D

    --Angela: Not yet! I'm posting from my sister's brand new computer. Mine should arrive next week, when I'll be posting pictures of it to everyone's delight. :)

  3. Didn't you expose that anonymous fella by giving his name? If you don't deny it, I'll presume it's somebody in the community under a pen name. I'll guess... Mari Randomities.

    Cue dramatic squirrel.

  4. awe. I am so glad you reached your goal. Please, post pics of the new sexy machine when you get it ;-)
    <3 ya, girl!

  5. Yay, woot, and bang the drum! Congrats on making it so quickly. This community of writers is the best and I'm proud to be a part of it.
    Sorry about Jezebel, but you can't deny that fear is a strong motivator to type fast. :D

  6. Oh, what wonderful news that you've reached your goal, Mari-girl! Can't wait to see picture of your new computer, and to read all your stories :D

    Abbracci . . .

  7. Excellent, excellent news!!!!!!!!! :D You can never have too many !s.

    Happy to have been of some help - and even happier to be among such great people.

    Congratulations on your soon-to-arrive new computer. Enjoy!

  8. --John: You're very observative. The second anonymous wasn't as emphatic as Adriano, so I dropped his/her name on the general list to acknowledge his/her help. I doubt anyone will be able to guess. ;)

    --2: Will do! <3 you too, darling!

    --Laura: *types like the wind* O.O

    --Marisa: Thanks, Mari-girl! I'm as anxious as you are! My funds are still in transit from the paypal account to the credit card. *wriggles fingers*

    --Kevin (KjM): Agreed!!!!!!!!! :D

  9. I'm glad you able to make your goal. Congratulations!

  10. --Cathy (gany): Thanks! :)


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