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Knight Post - Book Review: The Soulkeepers

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No #FridayFlash this week. Instead, I present another knight-post! 

Please welcome G.P. Ching, who has published her first novel, The Soulkeepers, which you can buy on Amazon, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and on paperback.

Now, please note that it's not because I'm grateful to Genevieve for her help that I'm not observing my review policy to the letter. Just saying. 


Jacob Lau is a fifteen year old boy who died; after which he woke up in the hospital with a broken body and a confused mind. His mother was missing, possibly dead, and he had no one else. Well, not until the uncle he never knew showed up to take him home, to the enormous city of Paris, Illinois. This is how Jacob gets to know his family and their viewpoints, and more importantly, he's forced to see himself. When a strange and exceedingly attractive woman enters his life, he comes to learn about the Soulkeepers and their opponents, the Watchers. 

This story shows an interesting and unprejudiced view of the battle between good and evil as portrayed in the bible. If you look behind the magic, the fighting and the mysterious characters, you'll see a teenager growing into a man, learning to accept himself as a fallible human being, as a good person, and more. You'll also see a critic of the small minds of small town's folks, the extremes people can go to because of their need of acceptance, and of course, love. 

The book moves a bit slowly until the story is unfold, but once it does it's worth the reading. No character remains static through the story, the issues they have to deal with do not fall from the sky, or climb up from below, they're also created by the characters themselves. No mystery remains unsolved and the ending is quite nice, allowing space for a sequel if the author wishes to do so.

That's a recommend.


G.P. Ching is a short fiction writer whose work has appeared in various print and electronic publications. She is a partner at DarkSide Publishing, and member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She lives in Illinois with her husband, two children and a very demanding guinea pig. Learn more about G.P. at her blog So, Write.


  1. I've been avoiding most reviews since I have my copy waiting here on the shelf. Am curious, though - what Biblical battle between good and evil is drawn into this book? Revelations?

  2. --John: Maybe I didn't express myself very well. I meant the general battle of good against evil, but with a biblical background, as in based in Adam and Eve and the original sin with the serpent thing. I'm no bible expert. :P

  3. Lovely review, Mari! I have it on my TBR pile.

  4. This is a wonderful review, Mari. Genevieve is someone I've always wanted to get to know better but for some reason it just hasn't happened. I've been reading her FB status updates and tweets and have been sooo excited for her. CONGRATS on the amazing success, girl! I've already purchased this on my kindle and look forward to reading it!


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