Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Venice Carnival: Pink-Headed Girls and Clowns

It all started with a clown.

You see how he's enveloping me, with his busy hands working his magic?

It worked.

Well, it must have, because I became clown-obsessed.

I started to follow them.

See the fuzzy first photo? Now picture me running like a mad woman, pass the normal people, to take the second shot. (uh)

After my success with clowns I decided to stalk other interesting people, who were wearing the most stunning costumes.

You know what?

They actually liked it.

Not the stalking part, but the (nicely) asking to take a picture.

Some were proud, some were gentle, but they all smiled, even behind their masked faces.

So I got bolder.

I started stalking whole foreign families, splendidly well dressed, -- man, are they tall or what? -- and even little girls!

But hey, I promise their feline (really) mother allowed me to, and they liked it! Check out their faces.

But then -- there's always something, isn't there?

Can you spot something, err, foreign, to this picture?

Oh, yes, the pink-headed girl started showing up in all my photos.

Psst! Check out Cinderela's step sisters. Hilarious, no? heh

After hours of strolling around Venice I got a bit tired.

So I decided to try a pizzetta (a small pizza) from a peculiar bar I'd never been to.

Guess who was there?

But I kept firm on my intent, recording all wonderful things I saw there, for your very own delight:

In case you're feeling confused, this is exactly what it looks like: three people with -- literally -- brilliant costumes, and small bluish lights hanging on their backs.

My hand is not very firm, I know, but the final effect came out quite nice, no? :)

It was night when I finally decided to confront the pink girl.

Note: This is the Grand Canal, seen from the Rialto Bridge. Well, part of it anyway.

We were tired and it was time to go home.

So, who's the pink girl after all?

She's my sister, and we had a blast together in Venice's Carnival!


I hope you had fun joining me on this dream-like day.

Please feel free to shout out your opinion on the comments. I'd love to hear it. :)

Wait, I'm not done yet!

Instead of making shameless self promotion, I want to promote this fantastic-al event, of which I could enjoy very little; although you saw how worthy it was. ;)

Obviously, the Italian carnival is not dying. Here's an interesting (and recent) article about it, published on Time magazine.

And if you like to know the origin of things, here's some interesting historical information about it.

Finally, here are some of the many events of Carnivale di Venezia that called my ludicrous attention:

Circus San Polo, telling the most intriguing tales for kids. (like me?)

And an escargot slurring itself in the middle of Piazza San Marco. (eh?)

So, why don't you tell me some experience of yours in Venice? Maybe you have an amusing tale as well? If it has to do with the carnival, even better!

Also, do feel free to link up to your travel blog, your personal blog or webpage on the comments. Let's share our experiences, shall we?

Final note: Please be courteous and tease us before sharing your link, if it's the case, ok? Thanks!


  1. Hi! The pictures look amazing, I love the one of the escargot, the festival looks so lively. Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure (yet) of visiting Venice or indeed Italy, I know it's a shame as I live so near; but soon I think, soon.

  2. I want to come see this myself one day. I've always wondered if it lives up to the hype... looks like it does.

  3. Goodness! There you are looking so very lovely and fashionable!

    Wonderful pictures, truly. Some of those costumes were breathtaking. So much better than the silly clowns with big feet and red noses that we have here!

    I did visit Venice for a day several years ago. No carnival and no funny stories. Just a beautiful sunny day enjoying the sights, people, and food!

  4. Very, very cool - love those photos :)

    Pop on over to my blog - I've got an award for you!

  5. Susan and Olive, I'm sure that when you come you'll love it. In one of the articles I pointed to on this post, it's said that Venice is the most visited city in the world, wow!

    I too loved the escargot thing Olive, but I didn't have the chance to see it this time... The events' pictures are from the official website.

    Susan, *when* you come, I insist on you visiting me, or I can go meet you there, ok? heh ;)

    Hi Marisa! I'm blushing, so I'm not responding to your fashion remark, ok? lol

    Venice is wonderful even when the weather doesn't help, imagine it sunny? I'm glad you had the chance to visit it. Maybe some day you'll come in carnival time? It's way cool! heh

  6. Uh, oh, thanks so much Jemi! :D

    Gee, which other lies can I tell about myself? heh *thinking hard*

  7. Such wonderful photos, but know they can't come close to capturing the magic of being at Carnival. Seeing your pictures took me back to Venice....how I love it and want to return!!! So glad you and your sister made the trip North to be a part of the fun! And thank you for sharing the fun with us!!

  8. Thank you Barbara, for stopping by! I'm glad you liked the picture, and maybe had some fun with your carnival revival? ;D

    Ohh, when you come please tell me, and maybe we can meet in person? It's very easy for me to reach Venice. :)


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