Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Cool Things #2 - Sigur Rós' Angels

Sigur Rós, or Victory Rose, is a band from Iceland that I got to know through my friend Anon-Claudio, who pointed me to other good info in this post's comments.

If you're puzzled, what might help you connect the dots is knowing that Vanila Sky ending song "On the Roof of Skycraper", or Njósnavélin (aka The Nothing Song) is theirs.

But this is just introduction babbling to the video below. Watch it, and then tell me how do you feel, or what you think about it?


  1. Love the quotes at the beginning - absolutely awesome. Love "paints on silence"

    The angels are beautiful!

  2. Yeah, I don't know what the lyrics say, but I loved this song, and the angels...

    "paints on silence" also caught my attention Jemi. You have good taste! lol (but I knew that already, heh ;)

  3. Hey Mari!!!! Thanks for the compliments! Hope I can keep contributing w/ cool stuff to ya! xoxoxo!

  4. Thanks so much Claudio! Your cheering up stuff is certainly inspiring, heh. :D

  5. Mari-girl, this was just so lovely! Lulling and magically surreal.

    The angels WERE beautiful in their soothing dance, and the image of the two looking at each other before they kissed was quite wonderful snapshot.

    Quotes were inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing this.xx

  6. Thanks so much Mari-girl! You always amaze me with your kind comments. :D

    The pre-kiss moment was the strongest for me too; I almost cried! heh

    Loved the quotes as well, especially the one Jemi mentioned. No wonder I wanted to share this, eh?


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