Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uh, oh! Randomities Won Another Blog Award!

There are people who are used to winning blog awards.

See the creator of this cool one, Lesa Holstine, from the Lesa's Book Critiques, and Jemi Fraser, from the (rightly so) popular Just Jemi, who passed it on to me. Thanks Jemi! :D

I'm not used to it, (yet? heh) so I'm totally *doing crazy dance*. Since you can't actually see me, I'm not blushing, no sir!

So, I'm supposed to tell you five outrageous lies and one outrageous truth about myself. Let's see...
  1. I hate dogs. They're ugly, smelly, and not friendly at all!
  2. I'm normal; I like normal.
  3. I was once married to a Chinese man who made me tie my feet in order not to sell me away. We split up because my feet are too big and I couldn't bare the pain. He didn't get to sell me though, and at least I got to visit China!
  4. When I was a a drooling teenager, I chocked with my food and got rescued by Johnny Depp. He even kissed me, but I'm not telling where!
  5. I look way younger than I am; probably because I'm still an obnoxious brat.
  6. I have more than 30 books published under a pen name because I'm too shy to make shameless self promotion. I'm also astonishingly rich, but I won't share a single penny with anyone; not even for good causes.
Now to the fun part: I'm passing on the Liar, ops, Creative Writer Award to Peter H. Fogdal, form the hilarious Danish Accent. Hey Peter, you're gonna have to come to Italy to get your award! heh

Psst! Don't miss his first novel translated to English.

Edited to add:

Holly mole, I must be a big fat liar indeed! The sweet Anne Tyler Lord, from the great Don't Fence Me In, has just sent away another Creative Writer Blog Award. Thanks so much Anne! :D

I know that as a writer I should be able to play with words at will, but I'm too stunned. So I'll jump straight to the fun part, and nominate the super cool Angie Capozello, from the fun Techtigger's Soapbox.

Also, you'll want to check out her serial fiction project The Penny Dreadful. I love it!

And I could never miss sending fun things to Kristi Thompson, from the humorous How Did You Get There, which has just been through a major aesthetic change that you must check out. (The content is even better, of course. ;)

Finally, since I've got two of the same award (not that I'm complaining! heh) you might want a double dose of lying? If yes, please tell me so and I'll be pleased to comply. ;)

On the other hand, if you think I'm deadly boring go ahead and visit the people mentioned up there. You won't regret it!


  1. Former-Witch FriendFebruary 11, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    More lies! More lies! Just want to see how creative can you be while lying about yourself...

  2. Very intriguing your list!

    Let's see, your truth is #5. NOT because I think you're obnoxious or a brat, but because you do LOOK fashionable and young. So I know you made a pact with the goddess of beauty and you're probably 1,000 years old!

  3. I am so thrilled to receive this award from another wonderful person, who I might add is a terrible liar. You made my day!!!! Wow - thank you so much - what a sweetheart!! I see why you are collecting more awards than you can handle :))))

    Mille grazie,

  4. More, more, we want more lies! I think this whole thing is fun!

    I WANT to say that the food choking incident where you were rescued by Johnny Depp is true so I can live through your experience. Although, as a teenager, I'm sure I would have been mortified to have Johnny Depp see me in that condition. But I absolutely LOVE him and have since the first moment I saw him on a his first TV show called - 21 Jump Street.

  5. I still don't know whether to say congratulations or not! *grinz*

    I'm with Marisa, you do look young, and not because of being bratty :) Truth!

  6. Ah, well. You blew up my lying cover Marisa, Kristi and techtigger. It seems I have a big mouth about it, but I'm not a good liar. *sigh* :)

    I know it was kind of easy to find the truth; although you hit a good spot too Jemi, since I'd really like to have been kissed by Johnny Depp. heh

    See, I was sidetracked making up crazy im-possible stories that I forgot the truths could (or should?) be reliable enough to confound the reader. ;P

    Marisa, as usual you're too nice. :D But look, the goddess of beauty is way too expensive! I think some ancestor of mine made a deal with the fairies. I'm really scared of those debts that stick to your bloodline! (uh)

    I'm sure Former-Witch have one of those -- maybe not inheritable? -- and she's almost sure too! Although I regret to say, guys, that I can't tell the (possible) nature of the deal. This is her secret to tell... :/

  7. People asked, so more lies! heh

    1. Once I got lost in Venice's narrow alleys at dusk. I was followed and cornered by a vampire; I'm much fonder of the night since then. Am I transforming? (uh)

    2. When I went to Africa, I was hugged by a bear *and* survived to tell the tale!

    3. It was a gang of big-feet-women, now mega-super kung fu masters who helped me out with the Chinese guy trouble.

    "I know kung fu." heh

    See #3 up there, if you're feeling lost.

    4. I want to be a writer. <-- Lie! I'm already a writer! ;D

    5. Giant smurfs once chased me for 5Km because I accidentally stepped on one of their houses. (No one was in there though, ufs!) Or maybe I look a bit like Gargamel?

    Err, You don't have anything to do with it, Jemi, do you? ;p

    Psst! Can you find the truths hidden in the lies?

  8. LOL :) You totally crack me up, Mari!!

    These are great! I love your imagination :) I hope #2 is the truth because I'd love to visit Africa - although I really don't think bears live in Africa!

  9. Of course they don't, lol! That's the obvious part of the lie, ain't it? ;)

    Sadly, I've never been to Africa. But I surely intend to!

    Although I'd skip the wild animal hugging moment, heh.


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