Monday, May 24, 2010

Changing Mood

Whew! The last two weeks were pretty intense here at Randomities. I had much fun experimenting with zombies and other stuff, but I think it's time to switch back to the usual cheerfulness, don't you agree? (Well, at least for a while. Randomities is not random and erratic for nothing, heh.)

So, for starters, do have a laugh. ;)

Ok, a chuckle.

Oh, well, at least tell me this is not annoying! (heh)

Ok, this quickie I'm sure will make you smile. ;P


  1. Oh, I want all these dogs! Those golden retrievers certainly gave the man lots of laughs. They are just adorable.

    And I loved how the dog in the 2nd video helped Butterball climb the stairs!

    Good fun to see on a Monday morning - thank you, Mari-girl. :)

  2. Awesome videos! They both had me smiling. There's nothing much cuter than retriever pups! :)

  3. --Mari-girl (Marisa) and Jemi: Puppies are the cutest thing in the world. I'm sorry for the cat lovers, but dogs rule! heh :P

  4. Haha Thank you for putting a smile on my face! This took me back to the time when my dogs were puppies… It sure looks cute in pictures (and videos) but I certainly wouldn’t want to go though that potty-training phase again! :)

  5. --Lua: You're most welcome! :)

    Yeah, the first year is tough. Although it's when they're the cutest, the ripped couches, destroyed shoes, and pooping everywhere... Can't say I miss this either, heh.

  6. I had seen the first video a while ago, and giggled right along with it. :-)

    And Butterball the puppy is so cute!

    I do love hearing about other people who just love their dogs to death, and I rejoice to see animals having a wonderful time, no matter what sort of animal they are.

    I remain, of course, a cat person through and through, however. :-)

  7. --Phyl: You have a seat in my heart dear, even being a cat person. ;)

    I love all kinds of animals too. Well, except for insects. Seeing them smiling is one of the things that warm my heart no matter how tough things might be. :)

  8. Those puppies! I can smell their puppy breath. One of the best smells in the world. I'm a doggy girl too. Is butterball yours? Such a cute video.

  9. These videos are so cute, even if I am a cat girl I still love dogs!

  10. --Jodi: Neither of them are mine. A friend pointed me to this super cute video and I couldn't resist posting them, heh.

    --Anne: Oooh, I never realized you were a cat person! I do know you have cats, but, well... What a dork, lol.


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