Friday, November 19, 2010

Neil Gaiman Needs Help with "The Price"

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I'm sure you know who Neil Gaiman is. You don't? Sinner! Just kidding, heh. He's the award winning author who wrote one of the best comic books ever made, Sandman, and several fantastic(al) books, which latest are Coraline -- that was made into a spooky animation -- and The Graveyard Book, which won the Newberry Medal. He's also my favorite writer. (As if you hadn't guessed it by now, heh.)

You see, Gaiman also wrote a short story called The Price that you can hear here, narrated by him, for free. The story is so good that Christopher Salmon wants to make it into a 3D animation. 

If you care about my opinion, I love Gaiman's comics and novels, but I'm not as affectioned to his short stories. Every author has a weak point, right? However, The Price is fantastic! It's gripping, chilling and surprising. Curiously enough, I though it'd make a great animation when I read it. 

Check out this video, which I hope will tick your curiosity, if I haven't yet. ;)

"So why all this?" you ask. 

Well, if you saw the video you know what we need to do. If not, I'll summarize it for you. ;) 

To make the project into the real thing, they need to raise $ 150,000. 3D animation are expensive, eh? They're almost half under way, but there are only ten days to go, so your help is most needed! 

Check out the widget on the sidebar to see the progress. So far, more than a thousand people are backing the initiative! Now go and do some good. :) 

p.s.: Here's the movie's website. Pretty! 


  1. Love The Price and the project is wonderful! So off I went and pledged.

    Hope it manages to find all the funding.

    Now you and I must keep writing and make our mentor, Neil Gaiman, proud :D

  2. I haven't read this one yet - I'll check it all out - thanks for the links! :)

  3. Oh wow. I watched the vid. TOO COOL. I will go to the free podcast. Geiman. Amazing imagination. And to think you and I get to fish in the same sea he does. Thanks for sharing, Mari. Great stuff.

  4. --Marisa: Whohooo! Thank you so much for pledging, Mari-girl! I see that the widget's counter went up 2% and this is partially due to you. Well, unless you pledged 2.000 bucks all yourself. O.O

    I'm sure he's proud already. The fact that he doesn't know it yet does not count, lol. ;D

    --Jemi: Cool, you'll like it for sure. ;)

    --Jodi: Fish in the same sea... hmm... I hadn't thought of it. What a wonderful thought. Thank you for that, Jodi!

  5. Hi Mari,
    I'll have to check out "the project". I do like Neil Gaiman and have been reading more of his work lately - as for his short stories, hit and miss, but one of my all-time favs is Other People in his book Fragile Things.
    Thanks for spreading the news.

  6. --Erin: Thanks for the visit and the comment! Spreading the news is my pleasure, as I drool over his work and I'm dying to see "The Price" as an animation. ;)

  7. I suspect Mr. Gaiman has $150,000 in his cushions. Call it a hunch. But trying to prove something about e-fundraising is interesting...

  8. --John: I'm sure he has, but is he willing to take it off the cushion? I guess that's another good question.

    Oh, I see that we're eight hours short of the deadline and the project is funded at 103%. Whohooo! :D

    Now I wonder, did he contribute directly to this success in the last minutes? ;)

  9. Amazing what you can do on the Internet - like raise money for a 3D project!

  10. --Helen: Thank god for internet and Gaiman's great writing, ehh.

    Thanks for the visit, Helen. Please feel welcome here at Randomities. :)

  11. --Laura: Ohh, thanks! I must pull out my awards too. Been sitting on them for too long! ;D

  12. Sounds great :)

    Also, just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family, may you have lots of rest and peace!
    Huge Christmas-y hugs ;)

  13. --estrella: Thank you, dear! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, and 2011 will smile upon you. :D


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