Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Back!, NaNoWrimo, Apologies and Thank You's

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Hello my dear virtual friends! I'm finally back, I've missed you and I have a question for you. 

"Uh, you're dumping all that at once?" you ask.  

Err, that's part of my coming back, so please bear with me: have you ever been without internet for almost a month? Has your library a limitation for long web addresses that prevents you from posting and visiting your friends' blogs? 

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Ops, that was more than one question, heh. You know what's the weirdest thing about the isolation? It's when you come back. You'd think I'd be staying online all day, catching up with all the friends I miss so much.

Oh, no. 

The fact is that after all this time, when one's life is turning upside down, apparently upwards, and then downwards again, one can lose one's grip on things. So one decides that isolation is a good thing for a while, to reassess decisions and goals etc. But when inside one's shell, one forgets that there are people out that who care about her, and that one's absence worries them.

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This is the moment I apologize. I'm sorry I haven't replied the awesome comments left in my absence, and I'm sorry I've worried some of you. On the other hand, I felt so very loved with your emails and DMs checking up on me! Thank you, I heart you all. :D 

On another matter, this post's headline mentions NaNoWrimo... Ahem, with all these twists and turns I couldn't keep up with the challenge, so this year's NaNo project flunked. But know that I'm doing it again next year. There's no quitter here, no sir! heh

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The NaNo failure made me think about what does it mean to be a writer. Instead of reproducing all the speech I had written, I believe the image above synthesizes my conclusions. 

This picture has nothing to do with
this post. I just like it and wanted
to put it somewhere. Please ignore me
and keep reading.
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Am I out? Hum, no. But I will have to slow down for a while, at least until life gets less dizzy. This means that Randomities will return to its original concept, that is, being erratic. So, the trolls are still on, as well all the weird stuff I make you put up with, but I'm allowing myself not getting concerned about posting frequency, traffic, stats, and all. I hope that in the mean time you'll keep an eye on us - me and Randomities - until I put life back on track. 

Thank you all for reading! I'm off to reply some long due emails now, of the people from whom I deserve a good kick in the soft parts, heh. ;) 


  1. It's okay to let life happen to you. :)

  2. Life is messy and complicated, and that's part of what makes it wonderful and part of what makes it teeth-gnashingly frustrating. That this sort of hectic nonsense is happening to you only proves that you're mortal and alive. Let things take their course and you'll find your feet soon enough. And if you don't find your feet, talk to me. I'm here. I might not be able to help but I'll listen at any rate.

    And I reserve the right to put this passage in my book now that I've written it. *L*

  3. Real life must always come first. We're all guilty of forgetting that from time to time. While we'll miss you, we certainly understand. *virtual hugs all around*

  4. Welcome back, Mari! Yeah, sometimes life gets in the way of this writing thing. I'm still trying to accept the fact I can only post to my blog in an 'erratic' fashion.

  5. Believe me, i understand the whole 'life attacked' thing. Has happened to me a lot this year. But you roll with it, takes breaks when you can, and write when you can. And yes, schmooze online when you feel up to it. We'll all be here when life settles for you :) *hugs*

  6. --Laura: Yeah, and sometimes we haven't got much choice. But why do I feel so guilty about it? lol :p

    --Monica: Thank you for your kind and wise words, Mon. You can most certainly keep them, although I reserve the right to brag about having inspired you when the book comes out, heh.

    --Danielle: Thank you, Dani, even though real life sucks now. lol *hugs back*

    --Alan: Thanks! I have the same problem. Blogging is addictive, eh?

    --Angie (techtigger): Thanks for the encouragement, and for being so understanding, Angie. I hope I won't have to disappear ever again, but if I do, I'll feel less guilty on my second come back. I hope. heh *hugs back*

  7. you feel guilty because you're lovely and that's what lovely people do, thinking about others first. Welcome back :)

  8. --Dan: Thank you, darling. You're always the one with kind words that make me smile despite myself. :D

  9. Hi Mari, so glad to see you!

    As you know, I have been going through the same thing this year. We will do the best we can and connect & blog as our lives allow. But our friendship stays the same!

    More hugs to you!

  10. I'm srry abuot the upside down, but it suonds like yuor are upside right at this moment. ;-) No internet? Blah! Don't I know that story. Im so gld yuo are okay. And do not worry about nanowrimo. Does jogging a marathon make one a jogger? Of course, not. Just a cool thing to do. Jogging every day or every so often makes one a jogger. And yuo are jogger. Well, actually a writer..haha.. you know what I maen!

    I'm here and there myself. Such is life. Good to see you thruogh the internet looking glass. My yuor hiar looks good today. ;-)

  11. --Anne: I know dear, and it's great hearing from you too! I'm *very* glad that we can meet at least once in a while out here in the virtual world, and I appreciate your friendship more than you imagine. *hugs*

    --Jodi: Thanks, darling. You're right about the jogger... I mean, writer thing. I bet I'll feel more like it when I reach the upper side you think I am now, heh. ;p

    Oh, you think my hair looks good? Hmm, maybe this glass of yours is cracked. Here, let me give you a new one.


    Hey, stop laughing, will you!

  12. Welcome back Mari! Sorry to hear that your NaNo project didn't work out for you this time. As you say there's always next year and kudos to you for giving it a go anyway!:)


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