Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breaking News! Trolls Invade The Penny Dreadful

Kratan - I quite like in here; it's warm and comfortable. 
Kutril -  Me too. This is Angie's place, you know?
Katran - Yeah, The Penny Dreadful is great and she's too! Do you think she's as pretty as Aimee? 
Kutril - I don't know; we've never met in person, remember? 
Points to his own head.
KutrilBesides, you shouldn't talk about 'her'. Uncle will have our skin if he knows about it. 
Kratan, with dreamy eyes - I wonder how she looks like.
Kutril glares.
Kratan, with raised eyebrows - I know how Aim-- 
Slaps himself in the face. 
Kratan - I'm talking about Angie, dumb-dumb. 
Kutril - Oh.
Kratan, conspiratorially - I've heard that she can change into a tiger. 
Kutril, looking at both sides - What? Why didn't you tell me she was dangerous!
Kratan - We don't know that. 
Kutril - Here you come again with your P-whatever-word. 
Kratan rolls his eyes; Kutril snorts and farts simultaneously. 
Kutril, tapping his rumbling belly - Anyway, do you think they have goats here? 'Cause if they do, I could stay forever, tiger or no tiger. 
Kratan, grinning - Let's check it out!

And so the trolls invaded The Penny Dreadful

If you haven't heard of The Penny Dreadful I suggest you jump over there asap. It was created by Angie Capozello to resurrect the art of serial fiction. With an old fashioned look that remounts to the 1800's printed stories, the website is a platform to showcase the work of some very talented writers. 

The thing is, TPD is not limited to literature. It's a fantastic project that includes comics, podcasts, chats with authors -- including, ahem, me, heh -- and it's opened to many forms of serial art. 

Their generosity goes beyond creating a bookstore which revenue goes entirely to the authors. They (kind of) offered a home to Kratan and Kutril, the kind-hearted trolls that at this moment are running for their lives. 

Nop, you did you not read wrong. If you're not acquainted with Kratan and Kutril, you should know that they're quite harmless folks, passioned about humans; not in the culinary sense, mind. They're curious about us and our big words. Goats, on the other hand... 

You can read the whole thing through The Penny Dreadful, along with many other great stories. Have fun! :)


  1. Whee! Congratulations, Mari! Those two couldn't have a better second home! Although, The Penny Dreadful will never be the same-- in a good way of course! :D

    Very proud of you!

  2. --Gracie: Thank you dear! I'm enjoying the giddiness as per your advice, heh. ;D

  3. Oh, I almost forgot! The troll serial has an official name now: The Sweetest Trolls.

    So I'm changing all post titles to reflect that, and from now on the new episodes will be posted with "The Sweetest Trolls" as headline, plus the episode title as usual.

    To maintain a reference to the old title, you'll find "The Troll Serial" at the permanent page Stories.

  4. You never see ogres invading a place, and yet trolls continue to pretend they're the civil ones.

  5. --Laura: Thanks!

    --John: LOL! Touchè.


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