Sunday, March 7, 2010

Uh, oh! Randomities Won the Sweetest Award!

The lovely Anne Tyler Lord, from the wonderfully helpful Don't Fence Me In, sent me this sweet award. Thanks so much Anne, you're a sweetheart!

Err, there's so much "sweet" in this post that I suddenly have an urge to eat something... guess what? Sweet! Hey, do you have a chocolate to spare? lol

Right, I'm supposed to tell you ten things about myself upon acceptance of the award. But since I already babble a lot about myself in most posts, may I refer you to this post, in which I'm a bald faced (but ineffective) liar, and this other one where I tell you some truths about myself you might find amusing?

Finally, I'd like to pass this award to the other Mari-girl Marisa Birns, from the entertaining Out of Order Alice. She's a doll! You'll understand why if you check out her delightful comments on every blog she visits. No wonder Marisa is one of the Randomities' best pals. (see widget on the side bar ;)

Ah, yes, if you don't understand the Mari-girl thing, pop on twitter, chat with us, and we'll explain who owns who, and what the heck I'm talking about, heh. ;P


  1. Congrats on the award - and I agree wholeheartedly with your choice for pass-along :)

  2. You deserve this award, Mari-girl! And I am so, so honored that you've passed it along to me! One of the most happy things that have happened when I came to Twitter last summer was meeting so many wonderful people, such as YOU.

    I enjoy sharing Mari-ness with you, dear! A champagne/prosecco toast to you!

  3. >> Jemi: Thanks so much my dear! :)

    >> Marisa: Thanks Mari-girl sis! *raising bubbling glass*

    Cheers to twitter and to meeting fantastic friends like yourself! :D

  4. Oh, so happy to see my Mari-girls! Enjoy your much-earned awards!! Love you guys!

  5. Thanks my dear! You most definitely own us! heh ;D


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