Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#ZombieLuv - Poll's Result

That's it folks. The Zombie Luv Flash Fiction Contest is officially over.

Tomorrow I'll announce the big winner and the honorable mention, but in the mean while I'll tease you guys with the poll's results, heh. *evil grin*

The poll had:

-- 37 entries (candidates)
-- 52 voting people
-- 93 valid votes

Thank you everyone who read the entries (they were many!), who voted, and who spread the word mainly on twitter. The contest's success is due to your participation as well, dearest readers! :)

Now I'll leave you with the most voted stories. Many congrats to the most popular #ZombieLuv writers! :D

Finally, I'd like to remember that, as I mentioned, these results will influence the decision of the judges on granting the honorable mention.

However, please bear in mind that the poll is not the sole criterion. So, if your story amongst the most voted, please don't take for granted that you're running for honorable mention. ;P

The poll's result means that people loved your story, and not only, they took the time to come to Randomities and say how much they loved it. This is great by itself!

Many congrats once again! You all deserve it. :)


  1. You ran a very successful contest! I'm glad that you were able to recover your body parts too... ;)

  2. This was an inspired contest, Mari-girl. Enjoyed reading the stories...and voting! ;D

  3. Fun contest and great turnout. I like that you made me write outside my comfort zone... all this romance business ;-)

  4. Mari, this has been only the second contest I've entered and I have to say it's been a positive pleasure taking part1 Thanks for all your hard work in making #Zombieluv such a successful contest. I enjoyed reading the other entries - so may great stories. :D

  5. Thanks, Mari, for having this contest. It was great fun!

  6. But how many invalid votes were there?

  7. You did such a great job with this contest Mari - congrats on the success of it :)

  8. --Laura: Oh, I'm glad too! That limb falling was becoming really annoying. Not to tell when the brain decided to stop working. I was becoming one of those mindless monsters indeed! lol

    --Marisa: Thanks so much Mari-girl! I'm happy that you had fun. *grinz*

    --2: Thank you for taking up the challenge. I'm flattered that you decided to spread your writing wings with this contest. :)

    --Sam: Wow, thanks! I see it was worth the effort, as your entry was the most popular one, heh. Congrats again! :D

    --Delia: Thank *you* for entering, and congrats on your second place! I had fun too. (loads of it, heh)

    --John: There was only one anonymous vote that wasn't reposted non-anonymously thus registered, I think. It might have happened that the person posted her vote without mentioning that was previously the anonymous but I have no way of telling. ;)

    --Jemi: Thanks dear!

  9. Awesome contest, Mari. Great job. I was honored to be a part of it. It was so much fun.

  10. Thank you for putting this together, Mari! I had a great time with this.


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