Friday, February 25, 2011


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It happened. My worst nightmare came true, and I bet it's your worst nightmare too. My computer died.

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It's the doomsday of any writer! Yeah, yeah, I can write with ink and paper as well as anyone, but how can I visit my writer friends' blogs? How can I connect with people on Twitter, Facebook and other social network sites? Don't we read daily about the importance of social networking, not only to build up the famous platform, but also to avoid the isolation that threatened to kill so many creative minds back in the days? And finally, but not less importantly, how the heck am I going to connnect with my readers? O.O

After I stopped sobbing, whimpering and blowing my nose (yuk) -- besides whining to the very patient and helpful Monica Marier --I decided to do something about it.

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I can't afford buying a new computer, and I can't afford being without one, so I started a cause on Facebook, and I've added a Donate Button to the sidebar.

Now, here's the deal. I don't think a thank you note is enough to show my appreciation to all the wonderful people that will donate (I hope) and spread the word. So I'll try to give something in return to these generous, warm-hearted, loving people: *wink, wink*

  •  Everyone who tweets, shares on facebook and other social networking sites, and/or links the cause on their blogs will be listed on a thank you blog post as soon as the goal is achieved.

  • To a blog post dedicated exclusively about the cause I'll offer a guest post at Randomities, or a book review, or an interview, or whatever else you come up with to showcase your work. ;)

  • To a donation of $10 or more, I'll offer all the above, plus I'll write a story with the super generous person as main chararcter in any chosen genre, or with a character of hers (if she's a writer), or any other crazy idea you come up with. :P

"Why the rewards?," you ask.

Because I want to show my appreciation for those who are willing to help someone in need. I like to help people when I can, and I've learned to ask for help in the hardest way. I know sometimes it's not easy neither helping nor being help, so I want to thank properly.

Please don't let my muse die with my crappy computer. Donate! Spread the word! And please come back to collect your reward. You'll make me as happy with your collecting as with your donation. :)

Update: With the help of no less than 46(!) wonderful people I've reached my goal and I've bought a shiny new computer! *grins manically*


  1. Hey Mari! I dropped a little something onto PayPal.. good luck with your fundraising... I can't imagine a downed computer.. Funny thing is, my iPod died today and I was upset about THAT.. nowhere near as bad as a computer. Maybe there was something in the air... some techno virus. What a great friend you have in Monica!

  2. Oh, Cathy, I have a great friend in you too! Thank you so much! You drew tears of me with your donation. Really, I got all shaky with your generosity and immediateness... *sniffles*

    *shakes herself off*


  3. Ouch! I know the feeling, I had my laptop croak on me a few years ago. Fortunately, there's always an old computer or three waiting for me to blow out the dust bunnies and put back into service.

    Fortunately, you don't need tons of horsepower to get some writing done. You should be able to pick up an older working system for nothing or next to it. I'll try to kick in once I get a few extra bucks and come up with a workaround for the lack of Paypal.

  4. Hate it when things break. You should be able to find a cheap writing computer, and probably won't be long. Machines are everywhere, as are friends.

  5. I'm sending vibes from within that all the lives, minds and spirits you touch respond in a way that you realize adversity to advantaget carries your good gumption all the higher Mari.

    I'll be giving you sweet retweets. So rally. It's all within. You stood up and shouted vs whimpering -- Heavens, that'll always get you farther, further.

    with Zest
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  6. --FARfetched: Thank you! If you would like to contribute financially, it's quite easy to create a paypal account. All you have to do is register on their website: and your donation will be debited on your credit card. It's safe and simple! :)

    --David: Yes, that's my intention, and also why I set a low goal to my cause. Thank you so much for your help, and for your friendship! :D

    --Kate: Thank you, Kate, for the good thoughts, future retweets and the follow. I really appreciate your help. :)

  7. Now THIS is a cause I can support! I'll be happy to donate :) Also, have you picked out a computer yet? If not, may I recommend looking at They have incredible prices on good quality computers. I got my baby laptop for $300. It's a Lenovo 446-36U (catchy name, eh?) and I love it.

  8. --Angela: Thank you so much, Angela!

    I checked out the website you recommended but they don't ship internationally. Too bad. I'm leaning towards getting an Accer netbook. It's within my (future) budget and seems quite good. Thoughts? :)

  9. I don't know your location, but most libraries have free computer and internet access for patrons. I usually do that when my computer/interent is on the fritz. Good luck!

  10. --Cathy (gany): I am in Italy, and I'm really lucky to be in a city which library has free internet. (for now, at least) However, it is very limited and it's by no means enough to keep things going.

    When I had a computer I too would go to the library as a temporary solution, but as a definitive one?

    Thanks for the good wishes, though.

  11. Hey Girlie,
    I'm doing my late sunday out and abouting! I'm so so sorry to hear your poor computer bit the dust! I will see about scavenging up some money towards the save Marie's muse cause! <3

  12. --Jodi: Hey, darling. My dear CP lasted four years, and it was looking to the bright tunnel already. I couldn't keep it in this world for any longer. *sniffles*

    Thank you so much for your willingness to help! <3

  13. To everyone:

    It seems that the donate button is finally working in English. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

    An alternative, if it'll be necessary, is going directly to the paypal website: and send your donation to mari dot juniper at gmail dot com.

    Thank you everyone who has been helping! I'm only $200 away from my goal now.

  14. Going to skip lunch tomorrow if possible and see what I can send.

    Beyond that, are you comfortable discussing what kind of computer you want? PC, Mac or laptop? And where you're going to buy it? I ask because I have a few friends in the tech field, including one who used to build computers for charity cases. His back is too bad to build them now, but he said he'd be happy to talk over specs with you and forward you to a place that can give you the best machine for the money.

    His name is David, you can tell him John Wiswell sent you. He has the highly assuring e-mail address of:

    I can ask my other contacts, too, if you'd like.

  15. --John: Thanks for your future donation, it's much, much appreciated!

    I have no problem discussing publicly which computer I'll get, quite the other way arround! I could get advice on that too, heh. ;)

    So, I was thinking on a netbook, because it's easier to carry arround and cheaper (which would allow me to go for an extended guarantee). I'd love to have a Mac, but it's too expensive...

    Angela suggested me a website to look for cheap PCs. I guess it was or something, but they don't deliver outside the US. I had found a nice little Dell with excellent RAM memory there. boo!

    Thanks for David contact, John! I'll get in touch with him right away. I guess the scary email addy won't count in this situation, right? O.o

  16. Sheesh. If this is what happens when I go away on a trip for a week I'm never taking another vacation! So sorry to hear about your computer, Mari. I have my fingers crossed the cause will soon get you the cash you need for a replacement. :)

  17. Mari -- the Mac Pro or notebook's not at all too expensive -- to supplement my office computer, I waited til had their auctions from computer inventories like Best Buy. Took me a number of days to get the timing of the last low'ball bid 'just past' the other guys - timing, timing -- but the payoff is so worth it. Check with John's guy up there and go google. You'll see - just have fun feelin' vibes of all the good folks cheerin' you on - Look at the treasures you've got in good gumption outta this experience. (cue soundtrax to "It's A Wonderful Life" - you're like George Bailey - the luckliest lass in the world with the wealth of her friends and writin' colleagues. ~ Kate, doin' a donate

  18. Mari, money is on the way. PayPal is being incredibly stupid and decided to cut an eCheck rather than doing an instant transfer from my connected debit card (and then telling me my bank declined the card yesterday - Wells Fargo denies any record of such a transaction).

    So, March 3rd should be when it turns up (and, maybe, I'll have calmed down by then).

    Beyond the immediate issue of your dead computer, I hope all is well.

  19. --Kate: I can totally feel the good vibes coming from you. I'm sure they helped on the cause, as much as your super kind words.

    Thanks for the input on the CP thing. I looked (today) on and they do ship to Italy, although how much it'd cost is a mystery. I'll keep an eye on it for more opportunities and I've already contacted John's friend, who has been a darling.

    --Kevin (KjM): Thank you so much, Kevin! Your donation is underway. I received a notification of an echeck, which will be cashed from 3 to 7 March. I think we can cool down now, but I'll make sure to let you know when it's done for good.

    Besides the computer thing, all is as well as it can be. Thank you for your concern. :)

  20. To everyone:


    As you may note, there'se no donate button anymore at Randomities, even though the facebook cause is still on so people will not be caught off guard by its sudden absence, we're done.

    Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! I'm issuing a thank you post soon, and then it's time for the rewards. *grins*



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