Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uh, oh! Randomities Won a Bunch of Awards!

And I'm a slack, I know. All these came a long time ago; I mean, there's a summer blog award I haven't given away yet. C'mon!

Anyway, here where I stand the spring is starting to come out to smile at us, so I figured it was a good moment to send out flowers, warmth and writer-y thoughts. Of course, I'm putting aside all the blog rules, 'cause I'd like to go straight to the good part: spreading the love!

My dear twitter friend Monica Marier sent me the From Me to You Blog Award back in August, 2010 (uh) when the - as she describes it - Fail-tacular Odyssey of Thoki and Lor was only beginning. I'd sure check the story out if I were you. Be ready for a stomachace though, you won't be able to stop laughing!

Thanks, Mon!

I'm sending some nice early spring flowers to:

--Estrella Azul, at Life's a Stage: For her amazingly supportive friendship and all the awesome stuff she does. (see below)

--Anne Tyler Lord, at Don't Fence Me In: Because that's the only blog award that I don't see on her awards page yet! Plus, she's a dear friend who deserves the flowers.

--Vandamir, at Creating Shadows: She's an awesome writer who suffers from severe migraine and is having a hard time with her treatment. Here are my wishes for it to work out, and soon! Click here to check out the fantastic stories she has posted so far.

My friend Estrella Azul sent an award in my direction that I've always wanted here at Randomities: the Prolific Blog Award. The funny thing is that right after being awarded with it, Randomities went into a long hiatus that almost killed it again. I purposely waited to spread the prolific love because it'd make no sense to do so before things warmed up here again. ;P

Don't miss Estrella's home made stuff, her stories and some amazing writing advice she posted not long ago.

Thanks, Estrella!

I'm sending inspiring thoughts to these wonderful writers:

--John Wiswell, at The Bathroom Monologues: Man, talk about prolific! John has a monologue out almost every day, he's frequently getting short stories and flash fiction published and he's writing a novel. His stories are witty, funny and tought-provoking, and his comments on the blogs he visits often offer valuable feedback. Right Mr. Ogre? :)

--Marc Nash, at Sulci Collective: I've always admired Marc's writing, even though his style/genre is as antagonic of mine as it can be. Here's my appreciation of his litteracy and deeply engaging conversation.

--Cathy Webster, at Life on the Muskoka River: She just came out from her own writing hiatus, and her new stories are amazing! May you be even more prolific from now on, Cathy!

Yes, yes, I know seasonal blog awards are supposed to be delivered at their due season. (duh) But I have never been good with rules when it comes to blog awards, so I'm sending a wind of warmth to those who are still trapped in winter, and they can choose to follow the rules if they like, spreading summer love next summer.

Two lovely ladies sent out the Summer Blog Award my way, Anne Tyler Lord and Laura Eno. Anne is known for her wild, wild parties and for the thoughtful writing advice she gives through her @Writers_Life and Coffee Klatch. Laura is an outstanding writer whose awards actually hatch. If you didn't get curious about this incredibly creative and offten funny writer, I drop my case. Go visit them both! :)

Thanks Anne and Laura!

I'm sending summer warmth to some of the old and new friends I want to keep close by:

--Icy Sedgwick, at Icy's Blunt Pencil: I'll just quote Adam Byatt here: "A writer who balances darkness with wit and comic timing. And she's ace." Get the drill?

--Adam Byatt, at A Fullness in Brevity: It's the man himself. We have been bumping in each other on twitter for a while now, and he'd visit Randomities from time to time. I was (too) slow to realize what an incredible writer he is! His stories have a pace and quality that grab your heart from the beginning and won't let go even after the end. It's real life portrait in a sensitive, humorous and smart way.

--Rachel Blackbirdsong, at Ravenwood: Her stories as often as lyrical as her poems. They're also deep, funny and dark, and her comments are always thoughtful. I hope she won't mind the contrast this award will make with her dusky-looking blog. :P

--Catherine Russel, at Ganymeder: Cathy is one of the people who have been present and cheering for me even in my blog-y absence. She's been writing a most interesting series about a flesh-eating dwarf / human wedding. That king is up to no good, I say...

--Jodi Cleghorn, at In Black and White: As a super congratulations for the success of her latest anthology, Nothing But Flowers, Tales of Post-Apocaliptic Love! She's best known for her Chinese Whisperings and The Ying and Yang Book, which I suggest you also check out if you haven't heard of yet. These books feature several people I visit frequently (see sidebar) and other outstanding writers. Clicky, clicky! ;)

--Laurita Miller, at Brain Droppings: A last minute addition to warm-up a fantastic writer who'll be buried in snow for two more months. (uh) And she's shaving her head for the cancer cause. Why don't you drop by, read her awesome stuff, and make a donation? ;)

Now, to the awardees, if you're fond of rules, you can find them on the generous people's blogs who granted each award to Randomities. If not, enjoy the freedom of no rule awarding! ;D


  1. Awww, thank you - you're such a sweetheart!

  2. Oh wow thanks! I was feeling a bit down today and this has definitely perked me up. :)

  3. --Icy: Thank *you* for your friendship, dear. :)

    --Rachel: You just made my day!

  4. First off, you're very much deserving of the awards, congrats! (and I'm not much of a blog award rules follower myself, so I'll forgive you for the late acknowledgement :P)
    Thank you so much, honey, for the spring flowers, and for the lovely words - you're an amazing friend and I'm so grateful to have you in my life!

    *loving hugs*

  5. Thanks, Mari! I keep looking forward to your next FridayFlash! :)

  6. Tee hee! I'm tickled pink, Mari, thank you very much! More inspiring throughts right back atcha!

  7. Thank you, Mari! It's pretty hard keeping up the daily blog with the novel going along. If people enjoy it, then it's worth it. Being called "prolific" feels pretty nice!

  8. Thank you Mari for the very kind words. It is very humbling to be given such a public splash of encouragement.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  9. Ah, thanks Mari! I feel so humbled to be remembered and given this award. You are a great friend, and thanks for pulling me back online with this wonderful surprise!

    (BTW, I'm still planning my come-back for regular online time & blogs, I'm getting closer!)

  10. --Estrella: Thanks! I'm happy to have you in my life too!

    --Cathy (ganymeder): Thanks! I know I could count on you. :)

    --Cathy: Hehe, glad I achieved my goal. Can't wait to see what comes out of this pinkish feelings of yours.

    --John: I know I do enjoy it. Glad you liked the award, John. :)

    --Adam: It's my pleasure! I hope it will be fruitful.

    --Anne: Of course I'd remember you! And I miss you. I'm sure this coming back will happen, but my hopes are that it'll be sooner than later!

  11. Congrats on all the awards, Mari! Of course, awards else could they be born? ;)

  12. --Laura: Thanks! I guess your awards are special, or creepier, heh. Mine kind of bloom, especially now that the spring is at our door. :)

  13. wow dream LauraEno is very cool. I really like the film references. This is an intriguing story, although I don't know the facts behind Mr Fluffy it ŵas a great read. Mr Fluffy felt like the type of ghost you would be visited by in a Victorian scaence, there is a definate hint of ectoplasm in the air.


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