Mari Juniper is a former attorney who got bored of making money (yeah, right), deciding for the writing venture instead. She has a blog -- mari's randomities -- where she shares short stories, poems, reflections and pretty things that fancy her and her visitors. She can also be found on twitter and on facebook

Note on this blog

It is full of randomities and the posting is somehow erratic. Just saying. :P

Note on the stuff posted here

They're all mine, unless otherwise indicated. (Remember that little thing called copyright? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.)

The picture above was taken by the photographer Danny Beath, and has been used as Randomities "face" with his express authorization.

Note on reviews

For now they're mostly book reviews, but I'm thinking on film and animations too. 
I chose not to have a rating system, instead I opted for recommending or not recommending the reviewed item. 

All items will be reviewed with utmost respect for their authors, and will contain an honest and impartial opinion.

If you'd like to have an item reviewed here, please let me know through the contact page.

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