Monday, June 21, 2010

Oil Spill - Take Action

You have heard about the accident that leaded to the largest oil spill in American history, right?

You have heard about the horrific consequences for the environment, right?

You can track its growth here. I'm in awe of the extent of its taint.

Here you can read about National Geographic photographer Joe Sartore's experience when visiting the site. (Thank you Debra, for the thought provoking link!)

These are the US government initiatives to contain the disaster.

What can we do to help?

Phyl Good wrote a post in her bookish blog that pushed the start button of an engine in my head. There are people, good people, taking action to contain or remedy its impact.

All illustrations you see in this post were taken from the Ripple Project blog. This is an incredible initiative by illustrator Kelly Light to raise funds to help animal victims of the oil spill. Each drawing is a card that can be purchased by only $10; all income goes straight to two non-profits: The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center.

You can take action by purchasing something beautiful.

"I can't draw", you say, "and I'm short on cash." Well, I'm on the same page, but you can help in other ways.

For instance, Jim Bronyaur has an awesome project that demands no disbursement from you. All you have to do is read and comment on a given list of blogs and websites. He will donate $10 to each 50 comments in the sites of the list.

One of the included links is a fantastical story (literally) that takes place in the post-Katrina New Orleans: Devil's Blood.

He is also recording an album which income will go to the same goal. You'll be able to download it from his website. Watch his blog for further news!

You can take action by supporting other actions.

You can spread the word, like I'm doing. You can be inventive.

We live in a oil-based society, so, even if only indirectly, we're all responsible for the problems risen from the extraction, processing and usage of its by-products.

Be responsible. Take action.

Note: Here are the links for the illustrations featured in this post, by order of appearance. The name of the illustration leads to its post on the Ripple Project Blog, and the illustrator names lead to their website (when available). Visit them, show your support. This is also a good and inexpensive way of taking action!

>> We Will Emerge, by Danielle Gaudet


  1. Excellent post. The entire situation is overwhelming and hideous. We need to take fewer risks with our environment and take our clean ups much more seriously!

  2. This was very good of you, Mari. The art is gorgeous.

  3. Mari, I LOVE the idea of art as a way to support cleanup of the oilspill. Of all the sites out there right now on the oilspill, yours stands out as the one most helpful in a serious and unique way. You're brilliant!

    PS - thanks for including my link - the Joel Sartore story was amazing and sad at the same time, wasn't it?

  4. --Jemi: Thank you dear. I agree with you wholeheartedly both on extra care and cleaning up. Maybe you'll stop by one of these actions? ;)

    --John: Thanks! I wish I could do more, but at least this is *something*. I loved the art too, and there's much more at the Ripple blog. Every day there are new entries. I hope you'll fall for one that wasn't sold yet. :)

    --Debra: Thank you! You're too nice dear. *blushes*

    If it's helpful, please help spreading the word! Maybe we can clean up one whole bird with our efforts? That would be huge! :D

    I could smell the oil's stench by reading his story. It touched me and fit perfectly with the post and the moment. There was no way I wouldn't give you credit for it! heh

  5. I LOVE how you added value to the original Ripple project information. It thrills me to bits to see all the different ways people with different gifts and interests have mobilized to do something about this tragic situation.

  6. Thanks for posting this Mari. It's horrific the damage that the oil spill is doing and will be happy to do whatever I can to help:)

  7. Thank you for posting my illustration and for helping spreadding the world. Sometime we don't have to be helpless individuals, we can do something, no matter how small!

  8. --Debbie: It's wonderful to see people taking action in the most varied and artistic ways. I'm thrilled to be a part of this movement. Thanks for contributing with such exquisite art!

    --Olive: Thank you! *face splitting smile*

    --Jart Studio-Gallery: Thank *you* for your wonderful contribution to the project!

    I agree with you. Putting ourselves in a helpless position leads to nowhere. There's always something one can do to help, as long as there's the will to do so. ;)

  9. This is the first time I ever posted my art, but this time I couldn't just sit by and watch. I had to feel like I was doing something.

    And to have you showcase it, well, that just made my day. Thanks to you and to all of the others who are helping to cause a "RIPPLE". This is proof that we all can make a difference no matter how small we think we are.

  10. --Danielle: Your art is amazing, and I'm *very* glad you decided to share it on line. It was a perfect opening to the post, I think, hence deserving the showcase it got. I hope other people will make your day as well. :)

    Please let us know here if you decide for an "on line venture", heh. I'll make sure to spread the word.

    Thank you also for taking action. Being uncomfortable with the idea of doing nothing is exactly what prompted me to gather these projects and information together. I hope this difference of ours won't be small. ;D


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